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#Fall Vibes | Introducing Pre Halloween Cocktail Night at Regency Bar & Lounge ft Rum Fire White Overproof Rum

Monday, October 23, 2017


When The Haute Lifestyle arrived at the popular Regency Bar & Lounge at the Terra Nova Hotel last Saturday, we were greeted by spooky decor. We were then ushered to the deck where we saw four interesting looking cocktails and a bar well stocked with Rum Fire White Overproof Rum!

The 4 colorful and visually striking cocktails were cleverly named for the Halloween season and are: Eyeball Martini, Spellbound, A Bloody Good Time and Dark & Spooky.

Dark and Spooky
A Bloody Good Time

Eyeball Martini


The concoctions are the brainchild of Christelle Harris, Marketing Manager- Hampden Estate Rums who expressed that:

"I wanted to create drinks that look halloweeny, people in Jamaica enjoy a good time every time and I figured why not capitalize on Halloween as well. We can be light, we can be happy and I think Rumfire is a great addition to that because it has the imagery that plays with that Halloween theme. I'm happy to introduce these drinks that are aesthetically inducing".

Each cocktail was made from Rumfire White Overproof Rum instead of vodka to create a balance and is not overpowering. To complement the brand's positioning, the cocktails will be available from Monday October 23,2017 to October 31,2017.

Christelle Harris, Marketing Director- Hampden Rums opts for the Creepy Eyes Martini

Witches Brew

For more information about the new cocktails, please visit

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Dale Stephenson | Dale Stephenson Photography

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#Fall Vibes| Law: Parent’s 1st Love or Student’s 1st Love?

Who loved the idea of being a lawyer first? Me or my parents?
Easy question.... my parents. I had never wanted to be a lawyer and still am not motivated to become one.

I’ve known that I wanted to be a Journalist since I was in high school, yet here I am currently pursuing an LL.B. because my parents want me to be a lawyer. And at the end of the day, a degree for a career I don’t want is better than having no degree at all.
In all honesty, the knowledge that I couldn’t pursue what I was most passionate about made me feel trapped. I felt as though my life was out of my hands; it’s trajectory was set and I couldn’t do anything but live through it. I felt afraid of wasting my life doing what others wanted me to do and not taking the plunge to do what I wanted to do until it was too late. More than anything else, I felt stuck. Stuck because my parents continued to make life-altering choices with no regard for how I felt about these choices being made for MY life, and that would never change.

Julianna Margulies stars as Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife on CBS
I can’t blame my parents for wanting me to pursue law, as much as it isn’t my first (or second…or third) choice for a career. After one year, law still doesn’t make my top three choices for a career, but I can understand how my parents could think this was a good career choice; stability and prestige mixed with aspects of my personality that, according to Law and Order and The Good Wife, made a perfect match. What loving, responsible parents don’t want their child to be DPP, Attorney-General or Alexandra Cabot? On top of that is the fact that I was (and still am) solely dependent on them and whoever pays for the degree gets to choose.

But in a weird way, I don’t regret studying law. Don’t get me wrong, I question my life choices (or my parent’s choices on my life) on a regular basis when I have several cases to read for a career I don’t want. But in the grand scheme of things, I don’t need to study journalism to become a journalist. And with my parents satisfied with the thought that I’m pursuing the career they want me to pursue, I can focus on learning skills to build myself as a journalist such as languages and freelance writing.

Dionne Jackson Miller | Journalist and Attorney-At-Law
My parents had the most influence on my not-exactly-a-choice. Am I glad that they made it for me? Of course not! they could’ve ruined my life. The only bright side to this is that I’ll be following in the footsteps of the countless other lawyer/journalists, so clearly law must serve a purpose in journalism. If Emily Shields and Dionne Jackson-Miller could do it, then I can find a way to make the next few years work in my favour.

Written by
All Rights Reserved
Danielle Brown

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We're Nominated for a Blog Award

Friday, October 20, 2017

Hi Guys!

It's been awhile since I've greeted you like that! BIG NEWS! As you can tell from the title above, we've been nominated for a Blog Award!

The Haute Lifestyle has been nominated for "Best Lifestyle Blog" in the South Florida Blogger Awards. Voting is open (internationally) and will continue until November 27,2017 and the Awards will be on December 9, 2017 in South Florida! We are super excited as the last time we were nominated for any type of award was in 2013! I invite you to vote daily as many times as you can as there is no voting limit and it doesn't cap out. Share the link below with all your friends, families, neighbors and everyone so we can be in the top 5.

Click the link below to vote for THE HAUTE LIFE. Click the PHOTO/LOGO to vote, then go back and select "best lifestyle blogger" and vote again!




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#FallVibes | Krystal Chong-Hamre Unveils Krystal TV

Thursday, October 19, 2017
The Chong Family! From Left: Michelle Chong,CEO of Honey Bun, Krystal Chong-Hamre and Herbert Chong, Executive Chairman of Honey Bun
" No one is you and THAT is your Power" - Dave Grohl 

OPA! Greek Restaurant and Lounge known for it's selection of wines and tasty Greek food fare was the place to be Tuesday last. The Devon House eatery was the perfect location for the launch of Krystal TV. What is Krystal TV you ask? It's a show that helps people get past their mental blocks to live their best lives by doing what scares them the most.

Just a while ago the former Chief Marketing Officer of the family owned business Honey Bun, resigned from her job to travel as she felt there has to be something more to life! The journey to self-actualization lead Krystal to take on a new role as "Happiness Guru", Author and now host.

When I was 26, I was at 'the top of my game', according to socially outlined standards . I had everything you're supposed to have to make you feel happy - money, success, recognition-- and yet I had never felt emptier - "What the Hell Am I Supposed to do with my life?! A fun and friendly guide to finding your magic, your purpose and yo' self" -Introduction

With Bordeaux glasses and Hors d'oeuvres in hand, the guests would soon experience being the first to see a special episode of Krystal TV, created just for the event. In the episode Krystal gave 3 actionable steps on how to get your life on track which are:

  1. Make an announcement or Book something
  2. Have a safety net
  3. Ask yourself, what if I don't do this?
The special guests were also treated to a surprise reveal of the very 1st episode of Krystal TV which was titled, Introducing: 3 Ways To: Power Up Your Life and Live Those Freakin’ Dreams!

With another project successfully launched, Krystal ended the night in her usual high spirits and hopeful for everything that is to come.

Get ready to make major moves in your life as Krystal TV promises to challenge you to live your best life! See coverage of the event as brought to you by our talented Photographer Dale Stephenson.

Michelle Chong and Herbert Chong

Keneea Linton-George , CEO KTL Group and Owner of Keneea Linton Boutique

Krystal Chong-Hamre and Shelly-Ann Curran, Marketing and Public Relations Consultant - John John Music Group 

Krystal Chong-Hamre introducing Krystal TV

Basil Lounges and Victoria Gregory

The Big Reveal!

Justine Isaacs, Client Manager- Adtelligent

Tamara Harding - Mara Made Designs

Krystale Chong

Lauren and Shannon McClure

Kristie Stephenson - Creator at Story and Myth

Jessica, Sean and Jodie Williams

Krystale Chong

Alexi Lyn Shue Client-experience , Adtelligent and Ashli Randall 

Orlease "Miss Opa" King

To see new episodes of Krystal TV, visit  and be sure to subscribe
To purchase Krystal's Book, click HERE

Start your very own journey and share on Krystal's website by using the hashtag #TheKrystalTVChallenge

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Dale Stephenson | Dale Stephenson Photography

Dale's Instagram

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