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#Fall Vibes: 5 Best Caribbean Restaurants in Miami

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Some might say the capital of the Caribbean is Jamaica while there are others who strongly believe it's Miami! Imagine that! Miami is not even located in the Caribbean, technically-- It is in fact a hub of Caribbean culture as it relates to food, thought and lifestyle.

Throughout the next couple of days, we will be taking a journey through Miami discovering "the best of" and we thought we would start with food! Keep reading to find the 5 Best Caribbean Restaurants in Miami.

Jamaica Kitchen

Of course we had to start off our list with one of the Iriest Islands in the Greater Antilles, which is Jamaica! The Popular Jamaica Kitchen is located in the Sunset West Shopping Centre and is described as a brightly lit and petite restaurant with 1 single 2 seater booth and several bar stools. Though this restaurant is "likkle but tallawah", the menu options are high in flavor and demand.

Menu items include Curry Chicken, Curry Goat, Fricassee Chicken, Chinese Roast Chicken, Stew Peas, Stew Beef, Stew Ox-tail, Stew Cow Foot, Curry Ox-tail (our creation) Park & Hamchoy, Pork & Muknee, Cabbage & Saltfish, Callaloo & Saltfish, Jerk Chicken Sausage, Jerk Pork, Escoveitch Fish, Brown Stew Fish, Ackee & Saltfish, Jerk Chicken , Daily Soups and an assortment of Jamaican Patties. Patrons are also able to purchase Jamaican Groceries from their green grocery section and purchase Jamaican trinkets. The Restaurant is ran by Jamaican-Chinese Husband and Wife team  Cheryl and Anson Chin who know each of their customers.

8736 SW 72nd St, Miami Fl 33173

Opening Hours : Mon- Sat 11am - 8pm.

Havana Bistro Cafe & Restaurant

 Whether you are looking for good food, engaging conversation or interesting atmosphere, you will find it in Havana Bistro Cafe Orlando FL. Havana Bistro Cafe hast the best Latin Food and international Desserts in Central Florida and offers an authentic taste of Cuba! 

Cuba is known for it's festive beats, spices and of course the beer! This eatery gives you the feeling of having a meal on the streets of Cuba with pulsating beats of Reggaeton hits in the background.

7975 S Orange Blossom Trail, Rolando Fl 32809


We guarantee this will be the best Roti you can ever have in all of Miami-- just take our word for it! Roti is endemic to India and back in post slavery times, Indians were brought to various Caribbean Islands as Indentured (paid) laborers and also brought with them their food. Now, with the history lesson out of the way let's get down to things shall we. LC'S serves top notch Roti served with Shrimp, Conch, Goat, Duck, Beef, Veggies among others to their patrons.

Close your eyes, click your heels twice and you will be transported back to Trinidad by the flavors and comfort of their daily offerings.

19505 NW 2nd Ave, FL 33169


Seafood Risotto in Lobster Broth

This restaurant puts an interesting spin on traditional Caribbean flavors by adding a high end touch! Imagine having a dish like Curried Shrimp but over "a bed of rice" served with fresh vegetables done to order. Chef Cindy dubs the restaurant as "Cuisine of the Sun" as everything is prepared fresh daily and with attention to taste and details. Be sure to ask for the fresh curried jumbo crab cakes or the  jerk chicken penne pasta. If you love the dishes and would like to re-create them but not that good of a cook-- not to worry as the restaurant also offers cooking classes.



278 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, FL 33134


How about experiencing authentic Caribbean and Haitian cuisine so delicious that you'd have to travel to one of the Caribbean islands to find it equally good? At TAP TAP RESTAURANT, you will be amazed by the awesome food and top quality service. Tap Tap is one of the most famous Haitian Restaurants and is known for it's extensive menu options and their top seller the Pork Griyo.

Inside the restaurant is bright and colorful from the candles to the chairs and murals that tell a story of Haiti's rich history. Be sure to take a photo by the famous van or scooter outside the restaurant.

Tell us what your favorite Caribbean Restaurants in Miami are in the comments section below

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If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
1 John 1:9



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How I paid for Law School | Tashoy's Story

“Where yuh working now?”
“I don’t work. I go to UWI.”
“Eeeh? What you doing?”

And then I get a certain look, because it is assumed that only the elite can study law. It’s not an unsound assumption as law is a prestigious area. If you are a law student, financially challenged or not, you know that it is easier to get admission to the faculty than it is to find the tuition to stay there.
I decided I wanted to be an attorney at 12 years old. By age 15 I began to question the likelihood that I could pursue a career so financially demanding, so I considered journalism as a suitable alternative. One simple statement gave me the courage to choose Law, “Don’t worry about the money. If it’s what you want to do, the money must come”. This encouraged me to not to be deterred by the expenses however knowing that money could not materialize out of thin air I began a scholarship hunt.

My search revealed many available scholarships but even more that reflected that small print reading “NO MED OR LAW STUDENTS”.Those that catered to law students were The Rujohn Foundation Scholarship, The JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Scholarship, and Carreras Ltd Scholarship among others. Though at that point in time I had Advanced Level Exams to focus on, I hunted for scholarships like my life depended on it; in actuality the life I wanted depended on it. By July 2015 I had applied for a total of nine scholarships. I had also applied for loan assistance from the Students’ Loan Bureau and was successful. 

The result of those nine scholarship applications were less than favorable as I was only awarded two including a grant from NCB. I had procured money to cover only a little more than half of my tuition. I knew that my mother could pay a percentage of the deficit gradually out of pocket but there were a few hundreds of thousands whose method of payment remained a mystery. My mother was the sole parent footing my university expenses.

Nevertheless, I began my first year at the Western Jamaica Campus no less enthusiastic than the other students. It wasn’t until three weeks into the second semester that I realized that this money was harder to pay off than I had anticipated.  I knew that each day that balance stood it was less likely that I would be able to continue with second year. It lingered and plagued me throughout the rest of my first year, threatening my survival UWI.

In August 2017 my father died of cancer which meant that my mother was solely charged with taking care of my younger sibling. In that same month I resumed my preparations for school. I had a full time job and I resigned. A friend asked me if I was certain I would be going to back to school and I told her yes. "So what about the money you owe" she had asked me. A few weeks later I could tell her that that money was paid off.

I received a JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation Scholarship that paid in full my outstanding balance. After receiving that scholarship more came rolling in. I had applied for just as many as I did the year before but I had little hope that I would be successful. I was proven wrong. By December 2016 I had received over $1,000,000.00 in scholarships and bursaries. I am optimistic that for my final year I will be offered enough scholarships to complete my degree and move on to Norman Manley Law School.

While a lack of financial resources is a cogent excuse to not achieve your goals you do yourself no favors in accepting this as your ultimate limitation on life. 

Unapologetically, make attempts to attain your dreams despite financial barriers. There are organizations and individuals who will eagerly assist you in achieving the foundation for your success. Your toil will not go unnoticed and your sacrifices will not go unrewarded.

Here are a few scholarships that offer assistance to law students:

- Carreras Ltd University Bursary      -NCB Foundation Scholarship
-JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation      -Peace and Love Academic Scholarship
-Credit Union Scholarship                  -Courts Customer Scholarship
-UWI OSF Scholarships                     -Next Move Jamaica Scholarship
-Rujohn Foundation Scholarship        -Ministry of Education Scholarships

Written by Tashoy Adrian
All Rights Reserved


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#ShareYourPain : Dysmenorrhea

Monday, October 16, 2017

"Dys- men-o ... what" ??

This is what I always hear when people try to say Dysmenorrhea which is always followed by "what is that". Hi, I'm Rane and I was 29 years old when I was diagnosed with Dysmenorreah. Before I get into my story, let me first define what Dysmenorreah is.

Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for pain with menstruation. There are two types of dysmenorrhea: "primary" and "secondary".
Primary dysmenorrhea is common menstrual cramps that are recurrent (come back) and are not due to other diseases. Pain usually begins 1 or 2 days before, or when menstrual bleeding starts, and is felt in the lower abdomen, back, or thighs. Pain can range from mild to severe, can typically last 12 to 72 hours, and can be accompanied by nausea-and-vomiting, fatigue, and even diarrhea. Common menstrual cramps usually become less painful as a woman ages and may stop entirely if the woman has a baby.
Secondary dysmenorrhea is pain that is caused by a disorder in the woman's reproductive organs, such as endometriosisadenomyosisuterine fibroids, or infection. Pain from secondary dysmenorrhea usually begins earlier in the menstrual cycle and lasts longer than common menstrual cramps. The pain is not typically accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fatigue, or diarrhea.

I've always had extremely painful cramps that came with other symptoms like backache, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and breast tenderness. Yes, all those plus excruciating cramps for 3 days! When I was in high school whenever my period came I would be out of school for a good 3 days which led me to being friends with the Nurse, Guidance Counselor and a few teachers who understood my condition and was willing to help me to catch up with days missed. This continued throughout University and my work life and I thought it was normal. After all, my mother and sister also had painful cramps and I thought it was hereditary and it was simply my turn to "feel the pain". Friends and Boyfriends understood to an extent but thought I was being overly dramatic and hyping the pain up for more than it really is. Things got so bad that whenever my period came in order to "carry out my day to day"  I had to go in to the Dr. or Hospital to get injections (3 whole injections at once) OUCH! that went directly into my blood stream. This helped to stop the pain for 48 hours but then I would sleep for another 48 hours which meant my life was practically over! Not really but kinda.. here in the world of "Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Business" things go by pretty quickly and if you miss an hour you miss a whole lot so imagine missing an entire week. Here at The Haute Lifestyle I do the bulk of the work which involves A LOT! This of course sent my anxiety sky high and I was always on edge about all the things I missed and could not control. Let's talk about expenses for Dysmenorrhea -- On average each month I spend anywhere between $50,000- $60,000 JMD or $550 usd on this condition alone! I have no idea where I get the money from but after going through my receipts for the month it always amazes me. Expenses include: Injections, Medications, Birth Control and "Period Groceries".  I have a 150 mg painkiller, 1 pill that costs $495jmd or $5usd. Dsymenorrhea has taken so much of my life and time that I'm currently going through a guinea pig stage where I'm trying various medications, treatments and a few holistic remedies like Dog Blood" ( not actual dog blood, but rather a root based plant that is said to have anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. I can only describe the taste of dog blood as yucky! It smells and tastes extremely bitter and has an even worst after taste. The only thing that has been helping me so far is a special type of birth control, that is again expensive that is used to reduce the pain. I was told by the Gynecologist that this is suppose to over time create new hormones that will combat the "problematic" hormones and make things normal. I still get extremely anxious every month as soon as it touches my period date as I always wonder if I will have a monstrous cycle or a manageable one. I am extremely faithful and hopeful that I will find a solution soon as this pain has taken over my life.

If you have extremely painful periods, please share your story and be sure to use the #shareyourpain (hashtag)

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Romans 8:38-39



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Behind the Seams: Daniel Passov, Founder of Greek U

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Starting a business is tough! Starting a T-shirt Business in a saturated industry is even more tough! Starting a T-Shirt business in a niche for college/ sorority kids-- now that's interesting. Greek U was founded in Santa Barbara by Daniel Passov when he started designing shirts for his fraternity. As his popularity grew and almost everyone on campus started wearing his designs, the rest as they say is history. Today, The Haute Lifestyle goes Behind the Seams with Daniel Passov, founder of Greek U.

THP: Tell us about how you started "Greek U"
D.P: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Graphic art was my first job, so I had the skill set to design t-shirts. In college, I kept complaining about how poorly designed the shirts were on our campus at UC Santa Barbara. One friend said "well why don't you make better ones" and that was my "aha" moment.

Sorority Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt with Sewn-On Letters

THP: Do you remember the 1st shirt you sold? ... take us back to that 1st sale?
D.P: I don't remember the actual "sale" of my first shirt, but I do remember seeing my first shirt on campus. I was so excited to see someone wearing my work of art. Very quickly I became the go-to person for custom apparel. Within six months, I couldn't leave my apartment without seeing people wearing my clothing.

THP: What 3 items would you say are your best sellers?
D.P: Our best sellers are the custom sewn on letters, fanny packs, and water bottles. 
Sorority Heart Fanny Pack

THP: What were you like in University/College?
D.P: I was in a fraternity, but not a stereotypical "frat guy." I was always driven to create a company, and that passion was something that everyone could see when I was in college.

THP: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ....."
D.P: I cannot live without my family and friends. My ultimate drive is to create more time to spend with them.

Greek U Team at Lunch! From left: Lory Passov, Daniel Passov, Chelsea Airola and Ciara Robillard

THP: What words of inspiration do you give to young people wanting to start a business?
D.P: Listen last 
The more you absorb surrounding yourself with experienced and successful people, the more you will learn and have success yourself.

THP: Where can we find your Merchandise? 

To learn more about Greek U. Click HERE.



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