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The Best Pull-Up Bars

Of all the pieces of home gym equipment you can buy, one of the wisest investments, without a doubt, is the pull-up bar. That’s because the pull-up is the finest upper-body bodyweight exercise there is. Tough to the point of seemingly impossible to beginners, it takes grit and perseverance, but is sublimely good at building muscle in your arms, back and shoulders – and will strengthen your core, too. 

But there are a few key factors to keep in mind if you’re in the market for a pull-up bar. First, you need to first ensure it can hold your weight and fits your doorframe. You then have some options on what kind of bar you want: a free-standing tower, a permanent wall bar or one that hooks into a door frame without screws. Some bars will also have a variety of grips, so you can do different pull-up variations to target different muscles.

Most of our usual seven picks are all sold out, although the availability of the Opti bar from Argos varies according to where you live. We’ve scoured the internet and found more still available.

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