The Essentials for Setting up An Auto Body Shop

Setting up an auto-shop is the dream for many mechanics and auto enthusiasts. While it could let you live your dream profession, some prerequisites can help protect your business from any odds.

In this piece of the article, you'll find all the necessary information for setting up your auto-shop.

So, without any further ado, let's jot the essentials down. Read on to know more.

Know the Legal Obligations

The very first step to starting your auto-shop is to decide what you wish to name it. Following this, you will also need to inquire about the legal obligations for your business including company registration, tax filing procedures, etc.

Additionally, you will also need to consult your bank for opening up a business account with them. You must have a business account to fulfill the tax procedures and support your monetary transactions. However, consulting with a professional who better understands the legal obligations for your business can ease the process for you. What's more? They can also help you understand if registering your business as a Pvt Ltd or LLC is better, and how much would it cost you.

Consider Startup and Ongoing Costs

Often the biggest problem that almost every startup faces is figuring out the initial setup cost and the ongoing costs. It is vital, as it will decide the future of your business and the profits you'll make out. For instance, when you propose an estimate to any of your customers you may be expecting returns on your investment. But, at the same time, it would be unethical to expect the returns from a single customer. So, you need to carefully plan your returns over a specified period. Beyond which you can begin offering discounts to your customers.

When estimating your initial costs, consider the cost of registering your business, getting the necessary licenses, the cost of property and the inventory. Similarly, when accounting for your ongoing costs, you may need to consider the utility costs, maintenance costs for your equipment and also the cost of any consumables that you may be using.

Prepare a List of Equipment

Once you're done with tall the necessary costing and estimations, you need to list out the necessary equipment that you shall be using. For instance, without a basic kit of tools including spanners, pliers, and screwdrivers of different sizes, you cannot expect to begin your business.

Apart from these basic tools, there are certain specific pieces of machinery that you should consider. Here's a list of some of the equipment.

     A Hydraulic Lift
When working on a car, you may need to lift it to have better access to the engine and other parts. Having a hydraulic lift can ease your task. When choosing a hydraulic lift, consider the loading capacity as well as the maximum height it can operate at.

     Air Pumps
The next thing that you cannot ignore in an auto-shop is an air pump. Consider this, for inflating tires, operating and cleaning various equipment, and even to clean the parts of the vehicle, you'll need high-pressure air pumps. Besides, paint guns, nail guns, and even the sealant guns make use of high-pressure air.

     Tire Replacement And Alignment
A common job carried out at an auto-shop is replacing tires and balancing them. In the olden days, both of these tasks were extremely tiring and time-consuming. But with the advent of technology, sophisticated machinery for removing, installing, inflating, and even balancing the tire are now available.

     A Backup Generator
Most of your equipment would be working on electricity. So, you also need to plan for a backup generator to support your work at times of a blackout or a brownout. You can compare the type of generator here,, and decide the one that suits all your needs. The point is to ensure that the work goes on, in every situation.

Check the Premises for Easy Operations

Deciding on the location or, precisely the workshop for your practice is vital even before you register your business. Of course, when you are registering your business, you'll need to state the location where you'll be operating as well.

However, when you are choosing the location for your body-shop or auto-shop, make sure you consider the area that you'll be using as bay. Additionally, you should also confirm if all the entries and exits from the premises are wide and high enough to allow easy passage of the vehicles. After all, you wouldn't want to be scratching away the paint while pulling a customer's car into the shop.

Whether to Specialize or Not

Lastly, when you are done with all the necessary decisions, the only pending one is to decide whether you should specialize in a particular kind of job or not. Auto-shops usually deal in a variety of jobs ranging from denting and painting to complete makeover and even custom jobs.

While specializing in a particular kind of job may limit your customers for some time, but in the long run, it can help you gain a rapport in the specific domain. And it is needless to say that once you achieve a certain recognition in the market, you can expect higher earnings from a single job done. On the other hand, if you decide not to specialize in any particular job, you may continue to grow as the number of customers grows for your business.

Setting up an auto-shop is easier said than done. It requires a lot of legal and paperwork before you can start taking up jobs. On the contrary, if you decide to start working without a legit license or permit, you may end up in a legal mess and may even jeopardize your business, and other assets.

It is only in your best interest to keep up with all the necessary formalities and obligations if you wish to establish your business and grow as a brand. Besides, proper upkeep of the equipment is also important as these are the tools that will help you perform the job, efficiently and in time.

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