Carnival Glam Hub Goes to Trinidad Carnival

Canadian-based Writer Wanna Thompson is all Glam for Trinidad Carnival 2020

In 2018, we introduced a new Full Service Carnival “glam” experience called Carnival Glam Hub that is the brainchild Gabrielle Waite. Glam Hub is considered the “Caribbean’s ultimate pre-gaming station to get glammed for Carnival.

Since then, the event has grown and has amassed a large following of dedicated patrons of the brand that has carved a niche in the Premium Carnival Experience category.  With the success in Jamaica, Carnival Glam Hub packed up all their beauty supplies and headed to Trinidad Carnival where it made its debut to offer premium services.

Haute People caught up with Gabrielle Waite Pro MUA and Director for Carnival Glam HUB , to learn all about Carnival Glam Hub at the recent Trinidad Carnival and this is what she had to say!

HPWhen was Carnival Glam Hub expanded to include Trinidad?
Gabrielle Waite: This is our first year in Trinidad. We made the decision last year that if we were going to pursue this seriously then we needed to go to the Mecca of Carnival.  Barbados (Crop Over) however, was our first international market.

This way to Carnival Glam Hub

HP: What was the response like to Carnival Glam Hub in Trinidad?
Gabrielle Waite: Trinidad was amazing! Definitely a lot of lessons learned, but overall a success. Unlike Jamaica, Trinidad is two days and the market is already defined with established makeup teams and brands. 

Shanzi Allen, Jamaican Based Campari Influencer 
However, the market response was super positive and our sponsors have already confirmed their desire to participate next year. Trinidad I suspect will eclipse Jamaica next year and become our largest international market. 

HP: How is the clientele different or similar to Jamaica?
Gabrielle Waite: Glam Hub does cater to a lot of foreigners, so the audience is very similar as it relates to their expectations and needs. 

These ladies stopped by the Bar to have a few drinks before heading out
The local audience was a little skeptical as they have their regular routine sorted, but this offered something new and different. Those who came were literally in shock but left super pleased and excited. 

HP: Who were some of the MUAs + Stylists, you collaborated with?
Gabrielle Waite: We collaborated with Trinidad’s largest MUAs including Kai Forde aka Simply Beautiful, William Tommy and Angel Cumberbatch. You can basically call on these three celebrity makeup up artists for all things Trinidad Carnival related. Kai Forde is literally the most sought after Carnival MUA in the Caribbean working for all the major celebs including the Machel Dancers. 

Soca influencer and Trinidadian based pro-MUA William Tommy 
William also attracted all the big-name female influencers and Angel is her own bonafide star having YouTube makeup tutorials in the millions as it relates to views. 

HP: Were there additional services for Trinidad?
Gabrielle Waite: We mirrored the services offered in Jamaica. In fact, I’m unsure if there’s anything else we could add. We kind of thought of everything!

HP: As a business owner, what is one important thing you learned?
Gabrielle Waite:  Market Research as it relates to culture is SUPER important when entering an international market. You must do your due diligence.

Gabrielle Waite - CEO of Gabby Glam and cofounder of Carnival Glam HUB and GLAMCON 
Carnival isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. People save for an entire year for one day to truly celebrate and let go. You, therefore, have to respect and are mindful of their expectations and moment.  

HP: What can patrons expect for 2021?
Gabrielle Waite: We will definitely be going bigger and recruiting more big-name MUA’s from across the region. Glam hub will boast the very best professionals. This year in Trinidad, we took on big-name hairstylists such as Alesha Forde (Spoil Mii) and Dollz. We took on James Paul – Bronzing - and Galabana Hair studio (Barbers) 

Galabana Studios lead Barber Sheldon Cornwall 

HP: In 5 words how would you describe the overall experience?
Gabrielle Waite: It was definitely worth the sleepless nights and Roti! Oh, you said 5 words lol: Amazing, Cultural, Eye-Opening, Hectic and Inspiring. 

With the amazing success of Trinidad Carnival 2020, Carnival Glam Hub is already taking deposits for 2021. To secure your space, click the link below.

Gabrielle Waite is a Pro MUA and Director for Carnival Glam HUB, GLAMCON and Gabby GLAM ltd. 
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