How the Baddie Twinz Found the Secret Sauce to their YouTube Success

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In April 2019, Hootsuite put out a resource called "The Global State of Digital in 2019 Report" where they gave an extensive overview of Internet Usage + Social Media Platforms. This showed where YouTube was the second most visited website with a whopping 9.02 billion visits where people spent a minimum of 21 minutes on the Platform. With that being said, the way people share and receive information has shifted dramatically and video is the top choice for most individuals. 

This also saw the rise of the YouTube Influencer where regular people went on the platform and created content geared towards an audience with hopes of getting views and in the long run earning a living and having a scalable business. Just last year I was watching a vlog of a popular Youtuber during her Birthday outing where they visited a local food truck when I heard a familiar accent of one of her friends. It was my accent, a Jamaican accent! This is great I thought, I must search and find out who these guys are as they stood out with their flamboyant personalities and they were twins! 

If you have no idea who I'm talking about they are none other than the Baddie Twinz. Craig and Carey Smith are  Jamaican natives who migrated to New York when they needed a change based on the hardship they faced due to their sexuality. Here, they would make sacrifices to work hard to create a life so that they were able to live as typical New Yorkers and integrate into the American culture. They would then meet a Youtuber who would introduce them to this new world where they helped her with her content while slowly building their own channel behind the scenes. Fast-forward to a few short months ago and the Twinz would see rapid growth and have over 121k subscribers after being at 19k for a while. If you are hoping to start a Youtube channel and see success like the Baddie Twinz, read these tips.

The first step of doing anything in life is, of course, getting started. There are tons of videos on the Youtube Platform on "How to start a YouTube" Channel. No matter how small or trivial an idea might seem, it is important to put things in motion, get some information and get your resources to get the ball rolling. One thing I've noticed about the Baddie Twinz is that their success is somehow linked to timing -- timing is everything and sometimes we might have our mind and hearts set on a particular thing and it might seem like everybody else is moving forward but it might not be the right time for you! 

As creators, I find that sometimes doing things our selves becomes really difficult and overwhelming and collaborating with other like-minded individuals can make things easier. Craig and Carey did a collaboration with Bloveslife a mega-successful Mukbanger who is known for her seafood boils and sauce which saw their channel skyrocketing! Soon after they collaborated with other popular YouTubers and made appearances at a few events (BeautyCon) and it was all due to them putting themselves out there and collaborating.  As we say here in Jamaica, no man is an island which means you can't stand alone and expect to be successful in life -- no matter how successful we are, we need people to help us reach to that next level.

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I also realized that they carved out a niche for themselves that is very unique. Yes! Mukbangers on Youtube are popular and more seem to pop-up quite frequently but how many Jamaican Twins do you know who include their culture, language, and personality to engage their audience? Not many right?  In the Digital Marketing/Influencer/Blogger/YouTuber space, one sure way to stand out from the masses is to find or create a niche that is unique to you that does not seem forced. A part of finding a niche is being consistent! I cannot count how many people have found a good thing and as soon as they take off and are successful they become ghosts and suddenly "busy"! All of a sudden they are too tired or always traveling or whatever excuse they make. Craig and Carey have been on it and have not missed an upload at their scheduled time! Even when they are having technical issues uploading their videos, they still check in with their audience to let them know what is happening as subscribers are like currency. Imagine checking in to your favorite t.v show at the time it should come on only to know that it suddenly went off air would probably stop watching the network all together because you were so invested. The Baddie Twinz have found their secret sauce to success .. literally and are on their way to becoming household names across the Caribbean Diaspora and worldwide.

If you have not checked out the Baddie Twinz, you really should check out their videos on YouTube! It will be a joy to see them infuse their personalities and the Jamaican Culture into the videos and watch them grow.

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