Elements of a Blogger Media Kit + Real Example

This January is all about putting all your goals in motion and really getting things done! We have launched the #betteryou series for the entire month of January 2020 to put you on the path to success. 

Today, we will be speaking about Elements of the Blogger Media Kit specifically for our Bloggers! There will be other content for other individuals but today it's all about the Bloggers.

I learned how important a Media Kit is when I was nominated for a Blog Award in Florida in 2016 and had no idea what it was when I was asked by the team. Think of it as pretty much your Resume' or Golden Ticket to working with brands. Below is an example of one of my old Media Kits and the breakdown of the elements and how it all works together. Please take notes or bookmark this page as it will be detailed because I want to provide value to you.

According to befunky.com

"A Successful Blogger Media Kit can be broken down into 7 essential elements: High-quality images, a blog logo, ad space specs/services, relevant links, statistics, ways an advertiser can work with you and previous collaborations ". 

This, of course, should be tailored to your blog and only include the parts relevant to you considering your brand voice.


A the top of my Media Kit is the name of my Blog which is also my Blog Logo -- at that time I had re-branded and was going by "The Haute Lifestyle", below that is my tag line which is a great addition as it tells the brand what the Blog is about in a nutshell. I then move on to include a brief, very brief Bio and my own photo which I must admit was not the best quality. 

This again gives a brief background introduction to the Blog and you as the owner and what you look like. It is said that people like to do business with who they trust or in this case who they can see. It's really nice to put a name with a face and let me tell you in first world countries Bloggers go hard in this way. Most of the other Bloggers I've met had their faces on Business Cards and Media Kits which helped me to easily identify them when I saw them at other events versus to guess who's who -- adding this part makes you memorable.


Next are my Services & Packages which tell the brand what you are offering. Notice how quickly I jumped into that part? No need for long-winded explanations or extra stuff as brands don't care neither do they have the time for all that. Adding prices is completely optional as a good marketing trick is to leave that blank so the brands will contact you for rates or another option is to put a range of prices.

Beside that, I added a few quality photos, based on the design of your Media Kit, I would say a good number of images is 2-4 as you don't want to make that the focal point of the Media Kit. I added an Image I did from an Editorial Shoot I did for my magazine (because it was cool) and another from a local Artisan Event we did in Jamaica.

The choice of these images was essentially killing 2 birds with one stone as It was low-key promoting the Photography aspect of the Brand and they are both high-quality Images. Also, see if you can get the text and images to be lined up properly so It's visually appealing -- I did not do that as I was in a rush and needed to send it right away but sometimes these minor details can make a world of difference.


This is the heart of the Media Kit as this makes you look like more of a professional in your field and somewhat credible. It does not matter if the collaboration was paid or not -- brands like to know who you've worked with to see if you are a good fit or if there are any conflicts of interest.

Sometimes brands that fall into the same category might not want to work with the same Blogger as they feel you might not be perceived as loyal which could raise eyebrows at their decisions. If you have not worked with any brands, you could put "Brands I would like to work with" in this section and include the brand you are pitching to so they feel you are an advocate of their brand.

Optional: You can include a link to your most successful collaboration and the best photo.


This is just for "face-value" of course, as this is more about how engaged your audience is and less about how many of them you have! This is where you will include all-time page-views, monthly visits and of course unique views and also Social Media stats.

Though you are a Blogger, brands like to know that you are active on Social Media as this would mean more eyes on their products and more $$ for you as you can include a charge for Social Media Posts when you pitch.  Not shown on this is Google Analytics which should be linked to all your Blog pages. Google Analytics will give a more realistic overview of your Blog and will help you to give realistic stats rather than trying to guess. I've found that more brands will ask for these stats so ensure you are all set-up and ready to go.


These should include links to the Blog -- a must! And also links to Social Media! Again, try to keep things as simple and visually appealing as you can. In my example, I only included the link to the Blog as this is the core of the Brand and ensure it's big enough so the brand can see it.


This is just your basic contact information. Do you want the brands to contact you via Email, Phone call or Direct Message on Social Media? Whatever you decide, ensure you are active on that means of communication and the email address or phone number actually works! I am more active on Email, as I respond usually within an hour so that's what I added on mine.

If you would like to send me an email to review your Media  Kit and give tips. Please send me an email at hautepeople@yahoo.com with the subject "MEDIA KIT REVIEW" in BOLD. Serious requests only as I want to ensure I'm giving time to people who are looking to take their blog to the next level.

I would love to make this a series and will be doing webinars and a few master classes on Blogging soon as I feel I have learned a lot in my 7 years and would love to share that with you. Be on the lookout!

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