Nike Sneaker Styles Celebrities Swear By

If you want to get some sneaker style inspiration, check out some of the coolest looks that celebrities love. Nike is one of the most popular sneaker brands found on the feet of the hottest celebrities today. Whether these influencers are working out in their Nikes or strutting their stuff at the trendiest clubs, Nike is one of the top choices for footwear. Here are some of the trendiest Nike Sneaker styles celebrities love.

Air Force 1


One popular design that has made its way onto the feet of some of the top people in Hollywood is the classic Nike Air Force 1. The Air Force 1 shoes are surprisingly affordable at $90. They feature a throwback white on white design and a simple look. Celebrities have sported these shoes in different cuts and fabrics for a little more customization. These Nike shoes have been photographed on celebrity It Girls like Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Sofia Richie, Jordyn Woods, and Kylie Jenner.

Air Jordan


Since the original Air Jordan came out in 1984 and inspired by legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, the shoes have seen a lot of different changes. Today, a whole new generation sports the newest incarnation of this classic shoe. Some celebrities prefer the vintage Air Jordan 1 shoes, such as Rihanna, Michael B. Jordan, Slash, Kanye West, and Flea. Other celebrities who have been photographed in newer versions of the Air Jordan shoe include Drake, Eminem, Travis Scott, and DJ Khaled.

Air Max

When looking at Nike Sneakers for men, it's impossible to forget the Nike Air Max. One of the more popular styles of the Air Max was released in 2017, the 1/97 SW. The shoe featured muted yellow, pink, purple, blue, gray, and maroon tones along with the iconic Nike swoosh. This colorful kick was inspired by vintage fashions from the 80s and 90s. The signature look was adopted by celebrities like Chris Brown, Lebron James, Travis Scott, Yara Shahidi, and Victor Cruz.

4.0 Flyknit


When the paparazzi spot celebrities going to and from the gym, one of the more common Nike shoes spotted is the 4.0 Flyknit. This lightweight running shoe is a great option for celebs trying to cross-train and maintain their Hollywood physiques. Hillary Duff is a fan of this shoe for her regular workouts at the gym as is Kendall Jenner. Amanda Seyfried has also been spotted wearing this stylish shoe.

Air Yeezy


Probably one of the most expensive Nike shoes, the Air Yeezy has also been a source of conversation and interest for the celebs caught wearing them. The Air Jeezy was first introduced in 2009 as a collaborative shoe design between Kanye West and Nike. Because of the high price of these shoes, they are associated with style and status. Musicians Macklemore and Jay Z are known to be fans of the shoe. Lil Wayne, Pete Wentz, Kobe Bryant, and Kid Cudi have also been photographed wearing this stand-out shoe.

If you want to live like a celebrity or a social media influencer, the first step is to improve your fashion game. Start with upgrading your shoes to some Nikes, like some of the designs that celebrities love. Pick out your favorite Nike styles and feel like the next Hollywood star.

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