Small Business Ideas For The Summer

Though Summer is the season where most people unwind or escape to an island paradise for a vacation and not work 24/7. Believe it or not, It is the best part of the year where you can earn a significant amount of money without pushing yourself too hard. If you wish to start a new business or something different to make money that is more relaxing, then you might want to consider some of the following ideas. 


Nowadays, there are more and more teachers who are willing to work from home or to hold classes via the Internet. If you are a college student, a teacher, or simply very good at foreign languages, you can earn loads of money during summer by tutoring children and prepare them to be ready when they go back to school. This is a fantastic small business idea since you don’t need much investment, it’s all about your current knowledge. You can start by handing out flyers around the neighborhood, spread some good word of mouth, post on Social Media and get ready to earn great money.

                   Party Entertainer

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Summer is all about having a blast! No matter whether it's daylight or nighttime, people and children are all about having fun. You can pick up some skills as a party entertainer and head off to birthday parties, baptisms, and other celebrations to entertain the crowd. You can learn some basic but skillful magic tricks, offer to be a clown, or simply play some wild and engaging games that don't involve the computer or telephone. Only make sure that you keep a professional attitude and that you are confident at what you do.


It has become extremely popular to take amazing photos and post them online. However, mobile phones, no matter how advanced they are, simply cannot fully substitute professional photography equipment and an expert photographer. Therefore, your basic investment would be to get a good camera and supporting accessory, pay attention to the surrounding and setting required for each shot, take careful consideration of the environment and of course editing. After you have learned a few essentials you can start your new business as a professional photographer, offering your services to tourists and locals during the summer period, or even take pictures of children's parties and other fun events. There are numerous books on Amazon and Videos on YouTube to get you started. 


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During the summer nobody likes to be stuck inside staring at the 4 walls surrounding them. If you strive to earn some express cash, then you might want to do it cleanly and professionally. Many companies prefer to hire external accountants instead of keeping full-time employees for that, so if you are skilled with digits this is the way to go. Opening up an accounting business will enable you to pursue a wide variety of interesting careers for the future. What is more, if you have trusted partners by your side like Lin Leo Beak accountants, you will definitely boost up your business in the long run. Very often starting a new business in summer can be a passing thing, but also a determining money-making factor. Everybody needs to have their financial records kept in order, so summer is the ideal time to commence this type of job.

                   Food Truck

There has been a bombastic increase in demand for starting up jobs in the food truck business. This is an absolutely perfect small business idea that you can literally do anywhere at any time. You can take (or drive) your food track to the beach, concerts, the park, festivals, you name it. During summer people are always either walking along the beach on a warm night and got attracted by the inviting smells from your truck or simply craving for good food on the go. Hence, you will most probably always have customers. Your only job is to make sure that the food is delicious and savory.

                   A (house/pet/baby) sitter

Some of the best working mom secrets is finding solid, trustworthy and diligent help. Since the children are usually home, parents will need help, either to take care of their children, their pet or even house. That's right, good old-fashioned babysitting is still a profitable job during summer. Furthermore, many homeowner and pet-owners don't want to leave their house unattained or pets without care and supervision so they would pay loads of money for looking after them. This might be the easiest (and most lucrative) way to earn money in summer.

                   Pool Maintenance

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In the summer, most pool owners like to indulge themselves in the joys of gloriously hot days and refresh in the cool swimming pools. Almost nobody thinks about cleaning the pool. There is always a job for good pool maintenance all year round, but the peak of the work is certainly during summer. For this small business startup, you will need some capital for getting the right tools, chemicals, and other equipment. You can offer your pool cleaning services by going around your neighborhood, knocking on doors, offering help, and afterward ask the satisfied customer to spread the word about your well-doings.

                   Water Sports Instructor

Summertime is when most people and families head out to local beaches or travel to some others. There will always be someone who wants to take up a new challenge and learn exciting water sport skills and enjoy even more in summer. If you live near the beach, know how to surf, scuba dive or swim, this is the ideal job for you. Opening up a school or offering your services as a professional water sports instructor doesn't require much investment, but you can earn good cash while doing the things you would always do.

                   Smoothie/Ice Cream or Lemonade Stand

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Ice cream and cold beverages are truly an epitome of the summertime. Renting a stand and preparing a sweet cold drink will undoubtedly attract many people. Even if this might sound like an old-school idea, the best part of it is that you can take it almost anywhere and sell whatever you wish. You only need to get a business license, street vendor license and, of course, the supplies for your refreshing delights. You can offer energetic breakfast smoothies and place your stand near a business district. And when it comes to lemonade or ice cream stand, you can place them anywhere you wish and be prepared to have loads of customers.

                   Home Rentals

More and more people are seeking to hire a vacation home because it is more homey, comfortable and cheap. If you live in a city that people usually travel to you can rent your room, or if you have a condo or a vacation home at the beachside or near some popular tourist place, you can rent out the entire place as well. The home rental business is a serious matter and not something to be taken for granted. You need to act smartly, pay meticulous attention to whom you will be renting, plus you need to take care of your home, clean the premises before and after and watch over the property. But this is one of the fabulous ways to make some extra money while not doing anything physically demanding or hard.

Starting a summer business is an effective way to get some passive income. There are many other jobs that you can try out, only make sure that you whatever you might start you devote your full attention and focus to that job.

Written By Alexis Walker
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Alexis Walker

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