Men’s Innerwear Guide: 9 Must-Know Tips

The quality, fit and style of your innerwear can make a world of difference in your appearance. The following tips will give you a quick and easy insight into different types of men’s innerwear and how to buy quality underclothing that’s just right for you.

The quality, fit and style of your innerwear can make a world of difference in your appearance. The following tips will give you a quick and easy insight into different types of men’s innerwear and how to buy quality underclothing that’s just right for you.

  1. To begin with, don’t skimp when shopping underclothes. Don’t buy a product just because it’s on sale or you don’t have time to find something better. Good innerwear is an investment and it should get the same attention as your outerwear—you wear it close to your skin and it affects your comfort and movement the entire day. So, first and foremost, stop compromising and move on to better underwear.
  1. Invest in both briefs and boxer briefs. Each has its own specific advantages. Briefs are the classic men’s underwear available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. They provide full coverage without feeling bulky or wrinkly under your pants. They can be worn with anything and are best for everyday wear. Boxer briefs, on the other hand, have a longer leg that touches the thigh and they offer greater coverage. Wear a boxer brief when playing a sport or doing a workout to avoid chafing. They’re also a better choice when your pants or shorts are made of rough fabric.

  1. Don’t pair dark colors or patterns with light-colored pants. Buy briefs in basic colors so that they can be worn under light-colored shorts and chinos. If you have white or beige shorts or pants, buy a quality brief in the same color so it won’t show from beneath the pants. Also, shop for a couple of low-cut briefs to wear low-rise jeans and workout shorts.

  1. Smoothen your waistline with high-rise briefs. High-rise briefs are great if you need to cover love handles and tuck in your stomach. They give the waist a better shape, which makes your pants look better too. Note that high-rise undies are best worn with high-rise trousers or they will peek out.
  1. Make friends with the undershirt. If you’ve spoilt a few good dress shirts with ugly sweat marks, it’s time to evolve your style with a couple of quality undershirts in basic colors such as white, off-white, beige, grey and blue.

  1. Never wear a white (or any other t-shirt) as an undershirt. T-shirts are made of heavier fabric, have long sleeves and have a relaxed fit to keep you comfortable. A t-shirt cannot always prevent sweat from escaping onto your outerwear. On the other hand, a good lightweight undershirt will drape your contours, absorb all the sweat, compress your frame, conceal chest hair and feel like you’re not even wearing it. The insightful article at explains how an undershirt is radically different from a regular tee and why both can’t be worn interchangeably.

  1. Make sure your undershirt doesn’t peek from beneath your dress shirt. An easy way to avoid this problem is to buy undershirts in different neck styles to suit different needs. Opt for a deep V-neck undershirt to wear dress shirts with top buttons open. Choose a round-neck style to wear with buttoned-up shirts, as a V neckline can show from under a semi-sheer buttoned shirt. And remember, a thin undershirt does not mean poor sweat absorption—it signals a high-quality product custom-made to resolve your perspiration woes.

  1. Enhance your comfort with boxer shorts. Boxer shorts, or simply boxers, are loose-fitting undershirts that look much like shorts but are made of breathable, lightweight cotton or cotton blend. They’re great when you want to relax at home or during vacation, but they’re not suitable to be worn to the gym. Some men feel that boxers restrict movement while others find them more comfortable over fitted underwear. The open fly on a boxer is an added advantage according to some. These days boxers are available in fun patterns and slimmer styles. They’re best paired with relaxed outerwear such as pajamas and loose pants.

  1. Try something new with trunks. Trunks combine the best qualities of a standard brief and a boxer brief and are quite the rage with urban men. They provide sufficient support and their shape allows for greater comfort than briefs. They have shorter legs than boxer briefs, so they feel more compact, which is why they can be comfortably worn under anything. Buy a pair of trunks in basic colors if you’re looking to switch from briefs to a more comfortable style sans a lot of fabric.
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