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I’ve always loved magazines! In fact, I think of myself as a magazine connoisseur of sorts and currently have over 600 copies including the coveted 2013 Lady Gaga Vogue Magazine.
It is a dream to create my very own magazine and include some of Jamaica’s most creative individuals.

This Edition is special to me because it merges the gap between my African Roots and how they have impacted my way of dress, thought and life in general. Afro-futurism was a concept that came to me almost in a dream after seeing images on Pinterest and I knew there were stories to be told. This is a necessary theme to suit today's time as it is seen in movies like Black Panther where African way of dress is presented in such a way to make it fresh and new while still playing on the influences and fabric worn by our ancestors to show their place in society and in some cases a means of survival through trade and barter.

The brands and designers selected for this the issue were hand-picked by myself and my team as we believe they are rooted in the past and grounded in the future and use African influences throughout their Designs and work ethics. These are the people who were given talent and decided to take the leap of faith and grow it into a business paying special attention to their skill and technique and have found a way to merge the two to make a living for themselves while inspiring those around them.

Join us as we take you on a magical journey based on the theme "

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