Working mom secrets: create your home office paradise

Once you welcome your little bundle of job you are in for loads of exciting new things which may or may not affect your daily lives. Actually, the only way that the kids can overwhelm you is by impeding in your homework. However, in today's world is quite normal for stay-at-home moms to run successful and lucrative work from their homes. The only thing that should be done is by setting your serene and money-making atmosphere in your home. Creating your home office paradise is the first step to having a thriving career while still taking care of your children and running a household. Still not convinced how that is possible, read on to discover some fantastic secrets.

                   Find a suitable home office area

First things first, you must determine where you would set up your home office area before doing anything else. It is vital to have space where you can do your business relaxed, comfortably and without being interrupted (at least not too much). If you have a spare room in the house that would be the perfect solution, but if not you can either set up your home office in an empty corner of your bedroom (less noise then in the living room) or use up a small area in your living space. Having a special working space is crucial for doing the job right after finishing the mom-duty jobs.

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                   Set up an appropriate atmosphere

Before you sit down to do your work, you might certainly feel tired after a hectic and bustling day of running around with the kid. You must have in mind that in order to have a perfect home office paradise you must set the ambient in that way. For instance, you might want to get and install a quality air conditioning system such as Farran Heit Air Conditioning has to offer in order to always have the right working temperature and not to allow heat to impede your work at home. Next, you can place some stationary to make it feel as you were in a real company's office, put some family photos, and get a special mug for coffee. Whatever makes you feel engaged in work is more than beneficial.

                   Establish clear working hours

It can be rather demanding to have to multi-task around the home, take care of the kids, prepare and cook lunch and still find time to do your "regular" job. In order to have everything run smoothly, you had better determine concise working hours at your home and try to stick to it. This is one of the well-known secrets of working moms – time delegation. If you have a small baby or a toddler then you might want to do most of the office work while they are sleeping throughout the day. Once they wake up you can do other chores around the house while overlooking them, but not the paperwork that you have to diligently focus on. If you have help or if your husband is able to look after the kids during weekends, then you can do three or four-hour work on the Saturday and Sunday morning. Proper time organization and clear schedule is half of the work.

                   Get lavish furniture

Desk and a chair are the pivotal points in your home office. Spending a few extra bucks on getting comfortable and lavishing furniture will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. Investing in the quality office chair is worth every penny and it will improve your posture and back pain. Skip the tedious and plain grey office color and go for fun colors and vivid prints that will bring a dash of summer into your living space. Whatever you do, focus on the quality and make your home office stand out with a bold color palette.

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                   Personalize your office

One of the explicit symbols of having a home office paradise is by creating it the way it suits you and your personality. It can be hard to bring scented candles and you lucky charm ornament at the real office, but in the comfort of your home, you can embellish your personality the way you please. This will also make you more productive. So, incorporate things you love into your office. Add colors such as placing a reddish or pinkish rug under the desk, put your favorite pens, keepsakes, and display your children's artwork all around. Keeping the workspace clean and clutter-free is essential, but personalizing it makes it more welcoming and lucrative.

                   Let there be light

Concerning the productivity and effectiveness of your home office, you must take proper lighting into consideration. Lighting is of utmost importance in any room, especially if you aim to do mindful business that requires a lot of reading, writing, and focus. It is imperative to ensure you have ample overhead lighting in your home office for clear visibility, and equally vital is to have some lamp or to incorporate task lighting for a softer feel. Good lighting elements give you the opportunity to work long hours if necessary, plus you won't have to gaze at the letters due to poor lighting fixtures and ruin your health. What is more, it would be great if you have natural light coming in. Therefore, placing your desk next to the window will be more than advantageous.

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                   Add Zen elements

Integrating calming elements into your home office will make you will more tranquil thus boost up your work productivity. All it takes is placing some lush greeneries. You can place a nice green plant like Succulents, a beautiful spider plant or a gorgeous orchid in a riveting and funky colored vase. Even a vase of fresh seasonal flowers will add warmth to your home office area. Another thing that you can do is place some scented candles or some other aromatherapy freshener to enliven your senses. By adding some greenery to your desk, you will create an absolutely serene Zen ambient that will make you work prolific and dynamic.

                   Opt for childcare

There will be times when you'll be overburdened with the workload and have an abundance of other things to take care around the house, not to mention looking after the children. When it comes to doing business in your home office, you need to sort out your priorities and maybe consider hiring childcare. Help is always needed for vigorous working moms, and having an extra set of hands is more than necessary. Being a working mom plus a responsible and diligent housewife is a hard thing to accomplish so it is perfectly okay to hire a nanny, or consider some other short term babysitting options when you have extra work to do. Calling grandmother is a good solution, as well as taking your kids to a daycare center.

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                   Keep everything neat and organized

When there are small kids in the house, things can get rather messy in a blink of an eye. Don't let them play around in your office nor touch anything since you risk losing a valuable document. Keep everything tidy, incorporate shelving and storage unit that you would place somewhere high and out of the children's reach. Create a distraction-free space by having separate files and boxes for various documents. Hide away you unsightly work in drawers and only have the essential papers and laptop on the top of the desk. If naptime is the only time you can have some quality work done, you will be more than delighted to have the opportunity to dive into an organized and clean space.

All in all, the secret to creating your home office paradise is diligently delegating your time you spend with family and work. Proper organization is half of the work, top that up with flabbergasting space and d├ęcor, and there you have it!

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