Health Check ups you shouldn't Miss

We live in such hectic times that we often neglect our own health. Most of the times, work comes first or we have some money issues to deal with or we put the health of our children at the forefront. However, you cannot take care of your children, or any of the previously mentioned issues, if you are not well. Sometimes, an illness takes us by surprise and we feel helpless. Therefore, it’s good to know that most health problems can be prevented or managed if discovered on time. Here is a list of check-ups you should not miss.

General check-ups

Below are listed some of the general tests and exams you should not neglect, regardless of your age and sex. They can be of great help in determining whether there is something wrong and if you have any predispositions for a certain disease.

An annual check-up with your doctor

You can choose to visit your physician once a year for a routine physical exam. While some people believe that this is not a necessity, your age, general health, and certain risk factors should affect your decision about this. Your doctor will listen to your heart, measure your blood pressure, take your height and weight and check your vital signs. They will probably inquire about your lifestyle and health in general. If you have any concerns, talk to them and see whether they can recommend a specialist for a certain issue.

Get your cholesterol levels checked

Cholesterol tests check for fat in your blood. If you are older than 20 and don’t suffer from any heart or blood vessel diseases, you should check your levels every five years. High cholesterol can often result in stroke and heart disease, so check with your doctor when and how often you should take this test.

Do a blood sugar test

This test will help you check for prediabetes and diabetes. In case you have diabetes risk factors or are overweight, you should not skip this. People usually get tested at the age of 45, but it can be conducted earlier as well.

Visit your dentist regularly

Going to your dentist at least twice a year is important as it can help you discover problems early on. Whether it’s cavities, gum disease or any other problem, expert dentists like those from Church St Dental will be able to help you out. Teeth and mouth problems can often be a sign of a more serious problem, so don’t wait until it’s too late.

Check your eyesight

You should also make an appointment with an eye doctor and check your vision. They will help you preserve your eyesight and prevent any long-term issues. And don’t worry – if you don’t like wearing glasses, you can turn to contacts.

For women

Of course, there are tests which only women can undergo and these are the most crucial ones you should not neglect.


As you are probably aware, mammograms screen for breast cancer, which is most definitely something you would like to catch in the early stages. Seeing as to how the risk increases with age, you should start doing annual or biannual screenings once you reach the age of 45. Consult with your doctor to see how often you should get tested. Moreover, do not neglect the importance of breast exams. Starting in your 20s, schedule an exam every three years. Alternatively, you can also learn how to do a self-exam.

Pap smear

A Pap test checks your cervix for cancers. A doctor will take some cells from your cervix and test them. Getting tested every three years is recommended, but talk to your doctor to see what will work best for you.

For men

On the other hand, here are some tests men should not overlook.

Testicular exam

While most cancers usually appear after the age of 40, testicular cancer is known to affect men aged 20 to 35. Conduct some self-exams, and if you notice any lumps or tenderness, contact your doctor. Furthermore, you can have an exam during your routine check-up.

Prostate exam

Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in men, which means that it is not something you should take lightly. There are several ways to test for prostate cancer so check with your physician whether you should get tested and how often.

There are plenty of other exams you should consider. Consult your doctor during your annual check-up and they’ll be glad to tell you which exams you should undergo.

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