6 Ways To Help Yourself Through Depression

Recovery from depression can be an extremely long, tiring and hard-working process. However, the more effort you put in the recovery, the faster will there be results. Depression is a nasty form of illness whit various negative outcomes, but there are ways you can easily overcome it and totally restore your true self and once again feel at ease. Medication might help you at that given moment, but in the long run, they are not as effective as many people think. Resorting to other ways may take you weeks, if not months to recover, but the result is more sustainable. All it takes is being diligent and responsible, and resorting to some of the following ways.

1. Face up your fears

Being scared and agitated of numerous mundane things can utterly put any person down. If the result of your depression is the fear of staying alone without a partner, or fear of losing your job, or fear of meeting new people and going out, the only way to help yourself through that state is to face it directly. Be surrounded with people that you love, let them take you to a bar and meet new people, only when you are out there you would be able to meet your potential partner. If you have fears of living alone that boosted your depression, try living alone instead of staying with your parents, for instance. Facing your fears will give you the needed courage to fight depression.

2. Implement healthy eating habits

Grabbing fast food and unhealthy products whenever you feel down, nervous and apprehensive can only have an even more negative effect on your depression. Besides potential weight gain, treating your depression with poor food choices can lead to many other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and low cholesterol levels. Make a new food regime. Implement healthy eating habits. Kick out all too sugary and salty foods, processed foods and "bad" carbohydrates from your diet. Instead of chocolate opt for fruit, and instead of snacks go for chicken and lettuce salad, and so on. In no time will you see your mood escalating, and your state of mind relieved from the mental garbage.

3. Seek support

When things get tough, you might feel that you are left to take care of things alone which can worsen your depressive state. Even if you think that you are alone, you are not. Be free to call for help and support from your friends and family. Knowing that you can count on a support group will help you improve your depression instead of resorting to medicaments. Next, to physical support, you can find help in meditation, various books, or even seek professional assistance from Behaviour Zen to help you get through emotional troubles. All kinds of mental health issues can be dealt with better, faster and more sustainable with skilled and qualified experts.

4. Get moving

You would be amazed what little physical activity can do to your body, mind, and soul. The best way to reach the peaceful state of mind, fight off the tedious depressive condition and improve your self-esteem is to stay in motion. This doesn't mean that you have to hit the gym 24/7, on the contrary, the only thing that you have to do is get moving. Take a stroll down the park every afternoon, or try brisk walking, ride a bicycle, join a dance group, sign in to a boxing club. Your mind shuts down and unwinds when you move your body, and above all, you when you feel engaged in some energetic activity you immediately feel fulfilled and content.

5. Improve your sleeping habits

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem, which can lead to more severe problems than depression. However, not having enough restful sleep can only trigger more agitative feeling and increase your depressive disorder. For that matter, improving your quantity and quality of sleep will make you feel more joyous, calm, recharged and ready to take up any challenges. First of all, try to sleep a minimum of 7 hours per night, then turn off all electronic devices like TV and tablets. You can spray some lavender pillow mist or lit scented candles for a more serene sleep.  

6. Rebuff negative thoughts

Due to depression, you start creating negative thoughts and in that way attract even greater stressful feeling. Choosing to put down those negative thoughts will surely make you feel better and improve your mood. The ability to change your negative thoughts is not an easy task, it takes effort like many other things, but once you master that skill, you would have more mindful thoughts thus stop being depressive. Self-help books and apps are useful, as well as yoga and meditation, but cognitive behavioral therapy might be the best help in this matter.

Strive to be the best version of yourself, get surrounded with positive and energetic people, get a pet, listen to soothing music, and indulge yourself in all the things that you love. Only with moderation and self-control will you help yourself through depression.

Written by Stella Ryne | All Rights Reserved

Stella is an art historian, traveler, conscious consumer and a proud mother.

When she is not trying to improve the things around her (and herself, for that matter), she likes to lose herself in a good book.

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