How to Bring a Dash of Summer into Your Living Space

Winter was long and cold and spring weather is still far away from the summer heat when we can walk half-naked in the street. If you too can’t wait for summer to begin, then you can prepare for the upcoming season by introducing summer notes into your living space. No, we are not referring to dumping a truckload of sand in the living room but rather changing small things in the d├ęcor of the entire house that will make you feel the seaside breeze before June begins.

Summer between the sheets

If you can’t wait for summer to arrive, then you can be reminded of this period every time you go to bed. Changing the sheets, even if you keep several layers, can really make a difference if you choose the right colors and ornaments. For instance, a cover with blue waves woven onto it and a pillow casing with the motives of sand can really make you feel as if you were on a beach. In order for this trick to fully work, you can use a softener with the scent of the ocean so you will have the feeling you are waking up on a beach each morning as you “dive out” of bed.

Outdoor lighting

If you own a patio or a balcony (if you live in an apartment), perhaps it is time to start spending your evenings outside, despite the fact that the weather is not yet right. You don’t have to stay long, just enough to finish the Sex on the Beach cocktail but those 15 minutes will remind you of a great time you had sitting outside all night long during summertime. Of course, before you venture into the darkness, you need to make sure that there is light outside. Change the old incandescent light bulb with an LED one. This newer type of lighting emits a cold blue light, almost like the one you see at hula beach parties, so it will usher in a summer atmosphere.

Ah, the memories

The reason why you are you are so into summer is probably that you are nostalgic and you miss the previous summer when something nice occurred to you. Well, why not set in stone or more precisely, in glass these memories? If you visited Bondi Beach or Greece last summer, why not make beach photography glass prints that you can put on the nightstand or on the mantelpiece, so you will constantly be reminded of the natural beauty of these places. These prints are extremely stylish because they are printed on the frameless glass that goes well with every modern interior design.

The scent of summer

Your bedsheets don’t have to be the only thing that smells like summer in your house. You can go to the nearest candle shop or a DIY center where you can buy scented candles that will remind you of summer. An alternative to candles are modern aerosols that are operated either manually or they have a timer. These scents are usually labeled as the aforementioned “ocean,” and they usually feature a picture of the sea or the inscription “fresh.” Hell, you can even go so far as to use a toilet freshener with a similar smell, so the entire house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, will smell like a beach in mid-August!

Revive the deck

The change from the cold weather outside to a warmer climate should be marked by a shift in the living space as well. You should aim to move your center of activity toward the outside of the house or at least nearer to the windows. This means taking out the garden setting and if the weather conditions are favorable, dining outside. You will first be required to repaint the deck, make sure it is 100% safe after the harsh winter chills, and that there is some sort of artificial shade in the form of an umbrella. It will be too late to carry out all these preparations once the first summer rays hit the patio of your house.

Finally, since a house is made for people to live inside it, you yourself need to act more summerly, sort to say. Instead of tea, drink juice or a cocktail and try to spend as much time outside as possible, taking long walks by the river. One long look at the beach glass print and will summer already be knocking on the door.

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about self-growth and living better lives by nurturing our relationships. In her spare time, you can find her window shopping or hike with her furry four-legged friend.

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