6 Things You Should Know About Your Spouse before Marriage

Regardless of how long you know someone intimately or how long you two have lived together, there are always new things you discover about them. This process seems to speed up before the ceremony, as you want to be sure you are marrying the right person. There shouldn’t be any major secrets between spouses, so you have to find out the following 6 things about your future spouse. This way, past will not come back to haunt neither of you and ruin your marital bliss.

Their favorite dish

It might seem trivial, but a person’s taste in food speaks volumes about that particular individual. It has been scientifically proven that food has the power to affect our mood so it is not all the same what we eat and how we eat it. In terms of relationships, knowing your partner’s favorite dish will serve as an ace up your sleeve that you can pull out anytime you need. Saying “sorry” or simply cheering up your future spouse after an exhausting day at work is much easier with the help of their favorite meal. Mac and cheese, honey?

Their professional goals

It is becoming increasingly hard to plan for the future considering the state economy is in but this doesn’t mean that people no longer dream big and set goals. Apart from finding out to the last detail what your partner does for a living, you need to understand where their career aspirations are. This will tell you a lot about what they want from life and how do you fit in the bigger picture they have in their head. A highly-motivated person probably knows how to balance work and marriage, while those who are aimlessly wandering between jobs have a less developed vein of fidelity.

Their belief system

Although religion had long ago lost its grip on our everyday lives, there are still people out there who practice religious rituals. You probably already know the confession of your soulmates, now is the time to test how hardcore their faith is. How often do they go to church or do they display religious items around the house are legit enquires since you are going to either share or stop these routines after marriage.

Their bank account

The essence of marital life is sharing. This principle does have some limitations, mainly when it comes to property. Any bank accounts and real estate your partner already has is solely their concern unless they want to share it with you. This should be the result of a mutual agreement mediated by law firms like Doolan Wagner Family Lawyers who can help you with other legal issues as well. However, before marriage, there is no need to insist on things like a shared bank account, as it is merely enough to roughly know what assets your future husband or wife have at their disposal.

Their free time

After work and the quality time spent with you, there is little time left for leisure activities, so you should know if your future spouse is using his or her free time wisely. It is not the same if they buy a huge bag of crisps and cuddle up in front of the TV or if they take a more proactive approach to free time. Physical activities like jogging, cycling, swimming or going to the gym are all more than welcome as they allow you to join in. The more leisure activities you can do together, the stronger your relationship will be. If you spend time together only inside the house or completing chores, true bonding will be thwarted.

Their sense of humor

Having a good sense of humor reveals a lot about someone’s personality. Apart from physical contact that you two must enjoy in, the ability to laugh and smile together will be at the very foundation of your marriage. Since smiling does wonders for a person’s mood, you need to know that you can make your partner laugh at any time. This will alleviate any problems they might have and strengthen the bond between you. That is why a shared sense of humor is a great indicator if you two would click well living together.
Once you get to know your future spouse through the 6 points listed above, you will be one step closer to determining if they are right for you. Just remember, sharing is the keyword for successfully navigating the marital waters.

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