5 Female Jamaican Entrepreneurs who Inspire me

I've been Blogging for several years and can be considered an "OG" in the Blogging world. It takes a lot of courage, tenacity, and consistency to do something like this as long as I have. 

A part of my success can be linked to people who I've met over the years and today I would like to share a few of the women in business who have inspired me.

Heneka Watkis-Porter

I met Heneka for the first time at her Devon House store when she hosted Katalys Crew for a lunchtime concert. During this time, I always walked around with a small Digital Camera just in case something interesting should happen. She saw me taking photos and asked me to share them and then invited me to an event where the same band way playing. I'm one of those people who always gets lost and surely I got lost on the way to the event. I was frantic and panicking as I was not familiar with the area and feared the worst. 

I decided to call Heneka and told her I was gonna turn around and go back home and I remembered her words to this day "Why would you turn back when you are so close, you can't give up so easily dear -- just relax and listen to the instructions". I eventually found the place which was a 5-minute turn around from where I was and I always remembered how calm yet effective she was in such a scary situation for me -- she exudes an entrepreneurial spirit. Today, she is going even stronger than ever and dubs herself as an Author, Speaker, Leader, and Entrepreneur and teaches people how to set up a successful Podcast.

Visit her website here 

Tanya Cameron

I met Tanya last year when I decided to collaborate with a local Designer for one of the Style Week Events centered around the French Culture (since my Blog has a French name) I wanted to stand out in a major way and didn't want to look like everybody else. Tanya's brand is called "Shades of Africa" which is influenced by the African Culture where she specializes in Afro-centric garments and other custom designs.

Tanya radiates positivity and gives well- needed inspiration in this cut-throat industry and emphasizes on the importance of forgiveness. When was the last time you met an Entrepreneur who genuinely loves what they do and genuinely cares about the success of others? It's been a while right?! I also had the chance to work with Tanya on a photo shoot and the attention she paid to detail and the patience she endured throughout the shoot shows why she is one of the best in her field.

Keep up with Shades of Africa

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SHADES-OF-AFRICA-121469089779/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shadesofafrica/

Andrea Dempster-Chung

I met Andrea last year at a Style Week event sponsored by The British Caribbean Council--like always I arrived early and was watching the set up of the venue when the lone lady assisting with the set up came over and introduced herself and asked what brought me to the event and I told her. She then commended my drive for building out my Blog into an actual brand and immediately started giving me pointers on how to scale-up. I then discovered a brand called "Kingston Creative" spearheaded by her that hosted monthly meet-ups at F&B Downtown Kingston and Art Walk.

Art Walk is a unique concept held the last Sunday of each month that features a theme and introduces new artists to the public. Art walk as the name suggests features walking Downtown Kingston from different locations to see the works of various artists -- the event is FREE and all are welcome. The thing that makes Andrea stand out, is her drive and determination to give young, talented Jamaican artists the exposure they deserve and the way she nurtures young creative talent. She is knowledgeable, accommodating and passionate. The next Art Walk is on Sunday, March 31, 2019.

Keep up with Andrea and Artwalk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingstoncreativejm/

Dr. Simone French

There is a Doctor in the House! This list could not have been complete without a Doctor --- literally! As women, we often take care of everyone else and neglect our own health. Doctor French comes with years of experience and is a Doctor at the University Hospital and her very own practice she named "Imara Medical Center" located at Winchester Business Center.

Dr. French is the family Doctor and has been offering her services to us since I was in High School (over a Decade ago). I actually manage her Social Media accounts for the business and can say though she has a hectic schedule as a Doctor, she is hands-on and knows how she wants to be represented. The thing that makes her stand out is her amazing Time Management skills -- she juggles her time between her job at the Hospital and her practice at Imara Medical Center after that. She recently introduced a natural way to get rid of fine lines + wrinkles, hair loss + female incontinence and so much more with PRP Therapy.

Click the link below to learn more about PRP Therapy

Keep up with Dr. French

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imaramedical/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/imaramedical/
Website: https://www.imaramedical.com/

Jennifer Azan

I can't put an exact time stamp on when I met Jennifer but it was during a "Take Style Out" when it was actually popping and popular! I decided to change my route and started with the stores Uptown versus solely the stores in Half-Way-Tree. The welcome I received on that night is something I will always remember, it was warm and inviting and of course friendly. As a Blogger (Media) the welcome we sometimes receive is not a friendly one as most people will always think "Dem not even a buy and a tek picha" and the Manager is never available. 

Not only was she available, but she readily showed me around the store and told me all about the items she had on Sale and what was trending for the season. I like the overall vibe of the store and how it reminds me of one of those posh boutiques in L.A. What makes her stand out is her passion for fashion and the way she goes out of her way to make women feel and look beautiful. When you go to stores in Jamaica, there are always pushy salespeople who follow you around nagging you if you need help making things uncomfortable -- Flirt Boutique is not one of those stores. They offer great customer service in the most comfortable way possible and you are sure to find something that suits your style.

Keep up with Flirt Boutique
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flirtboutiqueja/

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