3 Things they Don't Tell you about Blogging

There are always those courses you see online or information on those one-page websites where you have to scroll all the way down to see the info that says "click here to make $1,000" in just 3 days of Blogging. You foolishly click and purchase this course only to realize it's all a lie and you still have that lone $0.10 from last year sitting in some random account you signed up for also from last year.

Today, I would like to debunk a few myths about Blogging that I think need to be talked about. If you are ready for some stone-cold truth about Blogging, keep reading.

You will NOT make money right away

There are some people who seem to have found a secret formula and are selling it online -- but what those people don't tell you is that it takes quite some time to make money Blogging.  In order to make money, you need to have a substantial amount of views and in order to have those views, you have to constantly put out content. There are of course a few people (usually with an IT or Finance background) who are considered an anomaly and have in fact found ways to make money within 6 months of Blogging. Other than that .. chances are you will not make money right away.

You will get lots of FREE stuff all the time

I must admit being a Blogger has its perks .. there are Free Products, Free Trips and even Free Press. In order to get this Free stuff, you have to be an actual Blogger who creates content on a consistent basis and has a body of work somewhere online to prove such. If you started a Blog on Monday and hope to get FREE stuff by Saturday, I have news for you -- It's not gonna happen sis! Keep hustling and keep growing and then brands will reach out to you.

Blogging Is Easy

Blogging is not easy so let's get that out the way right away -- there are people who see Bloggers and think all they do is go shopping and take pictures of themselves in those outfits and it is so much more than that. Here at Haute People (and other Blogs) a lot of work goes into a Blog Post that you would find surprising. Let's break it down:

- Research
- Write Article
- Proofread article to check for grammatical errors
- Source Photos - Ensure photos does not have copyright
- Upload photos to Blog and ensure they are carefully placed
- Search for relevant Key Word for articles + add them to Blog's HTML
- Place Ad codes into article strategically
-  Publish Article
- Share article on Social Media+ Bookmarking sites etc

These are just some of the basic things that go into 1 Blog Post not factoring when we go to events and have to submit documents to cover that event + write about the event and do the above process plus more. I find that if you treat Blogging as a job or a Business and is consistent you will be more successful.

In five (5) years most print publications will be a thing of the past and Digital will be the preferred format where people will receive information -- get in on this by setting up your presence online by blogging.

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