What You Should do Before You Rent or Share A Car

If you don’t have a car, there can be times when you might need one. Be it for your routine chores or an outstation drive, you can choose an easy option out: renting or sharing a car. These options have enabled customers to experience the ownership of a car without owning it actually. Before you opt for a rental service or a car-sharing service, you should keep these following points in mind:

1. Cost Of Service
Before you go for any service, rental or sharing, you should get the details of the cost that you may incur. Get the break-up of the cost. Ideally, your cost should involve rent, insurance, taxes, and clearance certificate. Anything apart from these should be informed and detailed clearly.

2. Past Record Of Driver And The Vehicle
The service provider may ask you for your past record. They may decline your request if they find your record to be doubtful in any way. On your part, you should also inquire about the past records of the vehicle. You don’t want to be driving across borders in a vehicle that has been involved in some anti-social activities.

3. Insurance Inclusions
Your personal insurance may cover you through any injuries that you sustain during an accident in a rented car. Prior to making any payments, get the details of the insurance policy and whether your personal insurance covers the same or not. You don’t want to pay extra when you already have insurance that covers you comprehensively.

4. Damage Mapping
Inspect the vehicle before you drive off, for any dents or scratches. You don’t want to face any unfair costs for damages that you haven’t made to the vehicle. Also, try to return the vehicle in the daylight so that the service provider’s representative inspects that you haven’t damaged the vehicle during your use. For safe driving experience, you can check out this blog from Odd Culture, to know more about the road safety rules. If you find any dents or scratches on the vehicle before you hire it, ask the representative to note it down on the contract so that you avoid any conflict at a later stage.

5. Fuel Costs
Another thing that you should make sure while hiring a car is to know about the fuel costs. In many cases, the provider may ask you to refuel the vehicle before delivering it back. In some cases, you may be asked by the provider to pay for the fuel difference. Anyhow, you need to make sure that you agree to the fueling policy of the service provider.

6. Mode Of Payment
It is advisable that you pay from your credit card and not cash or debit card. This simply to avoid any extras or hassles you may face later on. But it solely depends upon the service provider whether they accept credit card or cash or debit card.

7. Pre-Deposits
Your service provider may require you to deposit some amount as security, which may be refundable. Typically, this security deposit may range from five to ten percent of the vehicle cost. Notably, the vehicle cost is not assessed as per the actual buying cost of the vehicle, rather it is estimated as per the depreciated value of the vehicle. Make sure that you don’t deposit any unjust amount of money with your service provider.

8.  Cancellation Policy
You may have to cancel your booking before you even pick up the vehicle. Otherwise, you may also have to end your trip before you thought. In any case, the service providers have specific policies concerned to the cancellations. They might deduct a small amount from your deposit as processing charges. Before you book a car, make sure you go through their cancellation policy to avoid any conflict.

Whether you are an American citizen or a foreign immigrant to the United States, you may need to rent a vehicle any time. Anyhow, you need to present a valid driving license before you can rent a car. If you are a foreign immigrant you may be required to present an International Driver’s License, along with your home country's driver’s license. It solely depends upon the laws of the state that you reside in or drive in to. In some states, you may be allowed to drive with your native license, and in some others, you may require a U.S. driver’s license. I hope that this article helps you with your car renting process and enables you to choose wisely amongst different rental service providers. 

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