If you’ve recently moved or are planning to move to Canada, you must be inquisitive about how they are as a country. Every country is different so is Canada. What are the things that are unique to Canadians and soon for you? Shifting to a new country is daunting and it doesn’t hurt to be a little prepared beforehand. Look out for these things in Canada

  1. Weather
Canada has very different weather from the rest of the world. The southern part of Canada is warmer compared to the higher latitudes. And the weather changes from east to west too. The eastern states of Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario get a lot of snow.  British Columbia in the west just gets rain and it doesn’t get very cold comparatively. As an immigrant, you even have the option of choosing the kind of weather you want to set yourself up in.

  1. Diversity
There is a vast diversity of immigrants in Canada. If you want, you can have a home away from home. Although it’s fun to mix with different cultures and ethnicities, you have the choice not to. Over 40 Members of Parliament weren’t born in Canada, so you can well imagine the plethora of demographics there. Keep an open mind and grab the opportunity to grow.

  1. Driving
You’ll be surprised to know that every province issues driving licenses individually. Each of them has different rules and regulations. If you have a driving license from another country, you can drive in Canada up to 60 days after which you must be a holder of a Canadian driving license. Different provinces have different agreements with different countries, make sure you know the process of getting a driving license in your state.

  1. Legal structure
Canada has very lax laws for the general public and they expect everyone to follow to the maximum. It is still important to know when to toe the line. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms bestows political rights to citizens and everyone else, from the policies of governments of all provinces. David Preszler from says that if a person tries to file a lawsuit after the limitation period, the defendant can ask the courts to dismiss it, regardless of the merit of the underlying claim. With such people-friendly laws, Canada is the first choice for most immigrants.

  1. Taxation
Taxes in Canada are levied by both the provincial and federal governments. You may be eligible for a tax refund depending on your terms of employment and status. Since every province has its own rules, taxes vary too. If you pay 5% taxes in Alberta you’ll pay 14% in Quebec.

  1. Tipping
In the Canadian restaurant and hotel industry, the norm is to tip the waiters. The unspoken percentage is between 15% to 20% of the total bill. Waiters work on minimum wages and the tip helps them get by better. Minimum wages vary between 8 to 10 dollars per hour depending on the state. The other staff like chefs take a part of the waiters' tips so if you’re not tipping the waiters they would end up paying the other tips from their pockets.

  1. Job hunt
Applying for jobs in Canada can be a way lengthy process than in your country. You need to have a game plan ready if you’re applying for a new job. It could take a few months before you land your perfect job. During this time you must have the resources to get by. Plan your funds accordingly. Save enough money to get you by in the months when you’re searching. In the meantime be prepared to take up a non-career job to support yourself through these months. Research on how Canadians put themselves in the job market and learn the same skills.

  1. Cost of living
Do you know which city you’re going to be living in? If you do then find out the cost of living there. The rent, transport, and food are the basic costs that you must be aware of before you move to a new city. You’ll be thrown in at the deep end if you shift and realize that you can’t afford daily expenses. Toronto and Vancouver are the biggest cities in Canada but also the most expensive. Montreal has low rents because they are controlled by the authorities but they also have low salaries. Being aware of the living expenses and planning them beforehand can save you many a shock.

You can't go wrong with these tips. Just be excited about the change and be open to a lot of new perspectives

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