Scotia Wealth Management goes ‘BEYOND FASHION’

Dubbed “Beyond Fashion”, Scotiabank Jamaica launched its Scotia Wealth Management Product with a private viewing of fashion-inspired-art at the National Gallery, Downtown Kingston. 

My first thought was, what does Art-Fashion have to do with Wealth Management, but then on further inspection it was kind of fitting, as there is a significant correlation when you integrate fine art and collectible assets as a part of wealth management.

Chairman of KLE Group, David Shirley and Wife Shani McGraham-Shirley of Shani Fitness

Keneea Linton-George of Keneea Linton-George

Melanie Levy – Managing Director of Candy Craze and Creamery and Husband Kent Levy
 Richard Pandohie – CEO Seprod and Bianca Nam –Financial Advisor, Scotiabank
Frank Ventura - Executive Director, Burger King and Sharon Lake of Clearlake Consulting enjoying a Mimosa and Sangria

The event pulled some of Kingston’s most prominent businessmen and women, the likes of which you only read about in the social columns, such as Richard Pandohie – CEO Seprod; Frank Ventura - Executive Director, Burger King; Mr. David Shirley - Chairman of KLE Group and his wife Shani McGraham-Shirley of Shani Fitness , Melanie Levy – Managing Director of Candy Craze and Creamery; and Keneea Linton-George of Keneea Linton Boutique.
 Guests are engaged in the 1st stop on the guided Art Tour at the National Gallery

It seems Francene Noel may have found a favorite piece by Jasmine Thomas Girvan

Keneea Linton-George (left) and Nicole Pandohie are intrigued by the “Ginnal” artwork by Cosmo Whyte
The first thing on the agenda, quite to my liking - was a guided tour by a very knowledgeable curator, who was both entertaining and humorous.  “Beyond Fashion” featured works by some of Jamaica’s most talented artists such as Marvin Bartley, Jessica Ogden, and Ebony G Patterson and Phillip Thomas. One particular piece from Phillip Thomas titled Pimpers Paradise- The Terra Nova Nights Edition- really stood out to me. It featured a prominent black male figure, dressed in a fur coat and suit surrounded by images in the background that suggested his various streams of income.
Pimpers Paradise- The Terra Nova Nights Edition by Phillip Thomas
That’s when it came back to me… Wealth Management… “Ah”, I thought to myself, “Nice one Scotiabank”. Viewing art, and having conversations about my wealth, was a great precursor into Brunch.   
Brunch opened with a brief introduction by Roger Grant - Centre Director at Scotia Wealth Management – who shared Scotiabank’s successes across the Caribbean. He jested that Scotiabank saved the best for last, before finally launching in Jamaica, having already successfully launched in the Bahamas, Barbados, and Cayman. The Key Features of Scotia Wealth Management -highlighted by video- included: Investment Management, Private Banking, Wealth Structuring and Trust.

My Question:
So why hasn’t Scotia always done Wealth Management?
According to Center Director, Roger Grant, whom I had a brief chat with:
We’ve been able to augment our platform to better serve our wealth clients, so whether it is for wealth management to investments both locally and internationally, Scotia Wealth Management is there to assist”.
What I also gathered from the Video:
Scotia Wealth Management is an innovative team-based approach to wealth management that addresses the entirety of your life–your family, your business, your future–one facet at a time.

The short answer to my Question:
Yes. But now ‘they’ do it better. I particularly liked the inclusion of ‘they’ as the idea of a team-based approach certainly would make me more comfortable assuming I had money to invest.
Note to self:
When I get there, I’m starting with the Scotiabank Wealth Management ‘Team’. The table I sat at also concurred and was already apart of Scotia Private Banking. If I was ever going to get here, I needed to take advice from them.
As a self-proclaimed foodie, the real test would certainly be the food. If you invite me to brunch to talk about business, then the food must be no short of awesome! When I glimpsed the highly sought after chef, Kim Fennell, just before the art tour, I was already excited as I’ve never had the pleasure of being invited to an event where she catered. For my first course, I tried Fish Florentine-- Needless to say, the fish fillet was baked perfectly and laid on top of creamy spinach. It was absolutely divine! Of course, staying true to my foodie nature, I tried a bit everything – and trust me, there was a lot to try:  Grilled leg of lamb, Honey Roasted Scotch Bonnet Chicken, Asian Crispy Pork, Skewered Beef Tenderloins, Tuscan Pasta Salad, Escoveitch Lobster Tails, Coconut Pilaf and Garden Salad/ Sautéed Vegetables.
 Roger Grant, Center Director Scotia Wealth Management opted for Escoveitch Lobster Tails
I saw one gentleman ask for Chef Kim, only to hug and kiss her on the forehead to express his gratitude and delight. I would have done the same, but I truly was too far and possibly too shy. 
The afternoon ended in high ‘spirits’ - that premium bar was everything… or so I thought. Just outside the very doors, I had entered had been transformed into a mini shopping village. I was late… so I’m not sure if it was there when I was running, but I was pleasantly surprised by artisans to my left and right showcasing locally produced items for sale: Morgan’s Creek, Cecelia Iris, Arm Candy, and Reve Jewelry & Accessories to name a few.
Thanks, Scotia Wealth Management… I’m ready to talk about Wealth Management.
 Lorane Rhoden is a Lifestyle Blogger based in Jamaica and is the Curator of Haute People.

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