How To Choose Your Perfect E-Liquid

A highly popular trend, e-cigarettes have been making the rounds around the world and being greeted with much enthusiasm. Filled with refreshing flavors and free of most of the damages that smoking cigarettes can cause, e-cigarettes have truly set a trend.
If you are new to the world of e-cigarettes, you may have a tough time deciding what flavor would suit you best. Worry not, because this writes up will help you weight your favorite flavors and help you pick the perfect one.

A Blend Or Single Flavor Vape Juice?

Only you can answer the question to this. It depends on your preference for a combination of your favorite flavors or if you would prefer to smoke a simple single flavor. On one side you can play safe and pick something like vanilla or strawberry and on the other, blended flavors change the whole game by being so interesting to continue smoking all day long.

Unlike how the name suggested, single flavors are not made up of a single ingredient and is definitely not boring. You can choose accented single flavors like candies, sodas, desserts, cereals etc. The blend is a combination of a few selected flavors that are distinct but complementary such as strawberry and cream.

As a tip for trying out new flavors, it may be more sensible to choose a 10ml liquid the first time you try a flavor as if you think it doesn’t suit you, you can simply shift to a new one. Here are a few common flavors to read through. You can find more of this on this website.

Vape Juice With A Flavor Of Tobacco

If you are smoker trying to quit cigarettes and shift to e-cigarettes, you should be choosing a flavor of vape that contains the familiar tinge of tobacco. It can help you control your cravings and also let you relish it its taste. You can choose from a variety of single tobacco flavors and also opt it to be strong, smooth, mild or minty. You can also try out a few fun blends to savor your time.

Vape Juice With A Blast Of Mint

For a menthol cigarette lover, this vape juice will spell perfectly. The icy cool sensation that hits your mouth is irresistible. Unfortunately, a lot of available e-juices fall short of choices available in regard to menthol. So you may have to search through a few 15ml juices before you find your perfect minty, icy flavor. There is even some flavor available that produces a breakfast effect.

Vape Juices That Are Flavored Fruity

These fresh and fun flavors are highly popular with good reason- they’re simply mind-blowing. There are plenty of fruity ones you can choose from be it single or blend. Be it watermelon, banana, strawberry, blueberry, melon, mango, peach, pineapple or cherry, chances are most brands will have an e-liquid of the right flavor. You can try blends such as orange and cream + vanilla flavors and more.

Vape Juices Flavored With Baked Goods

You can also find flavors of e-cigarettes labeled to be cupcakes, cheesecake, pie etc. There are plenty of options that can be syrupy, creamy or buttery and closely resemble the way a freshly baked delicacy would smell and taste. It is also a wonderful way to treat you to a free calorie treat alternative.

Candy Inspired Vape Juices

Here is a way to get multiple benefits from vape. Not only that it reduces your health risks that are caused by smoking a cigarette, but it also helps you choose a healthier way to eat unlimited candy. Be it fruity candies, gummy bears or sweet tarts, chances are you will find the e-liquid of that flavor to be equally satisfying.

If you like candy with a twist, you may even find some sour candy flavored e-liquid samples you can try out and choose.

Vape Juices That Taste Like A Particular Drink

All of us find a preferred drink at an early age and stick to it for the rest of our lives for relaxation. However, as much as we’d love to, it is impossible to consume an unlimited amount of it and not be affected in a negative manner. Regardless if your favorite drink is an alcoholic one, soda or caffeinated one, you can find a replacement of that taste in a vape.

The drink flavor varieties of vape cover almost anything ranging from coffee to beer and canned juices. You can also find some nostalgic childhood flavors like grape and root beer ones. You may even find blended ones that taste great.

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