A Comprehensive Guide to Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are worn by millions of people all around the globe. More than wearing lenses for correction purpose, it is used as a part of fashion and cosmetic. These are used to attain the desired color of the iris as one wishes to have. The lenses look so real that is not possible for you to know at once whether or not someone is wearing them. If you are a newbie and are planning to get yourself contact lenses, let us get you started.

 The history of contact lenses dates back to the 15th-century era. You might be thinking how is it possible? Lenses are the latest new generation tool used by us modern man. Well, let me correct you there. No! The man behind the model concept of lenses was none other than Leonardo da Vinci. The rest let’s keep it as history.

Types of Lenses Available:

As we all know there can be hard lenses and soft lenses. There also something that is in between them, neither hard nor soft.

·        Rigid gas-permeable (RGP) – These are made of scarcely flexible plastics and allow oxygen to pass through it and enter the eyes.

·        Daily-wear soft lenses – These are very soft and are made in such a way that daily use of it does not affect the eye.

·      Extended-wear – These are usually designed to be worn for about 30 days without the need to be removed.

·        Extended-wear disposable – These are not really recommended. These types are use and throw kind and can be worn for about 6 days without being cleaned.

·        Planned replacement – These are the highly prescribed type. There is a plan as to what duration you need to change then in.

The Coloured Lenses:

The colored part of our eyes is called Iris. Brown is the most common color of the human eye and the blue color iris has the least pigment. It is now become a trend to use lenses and flaunts those eye colors.

The colored lenses are available in three variants.

  • ·         Visibility tint
  • ·         Enhancement tint
  • ·         Opaque tint

The tint is the shade or a type of color. Hence, visibility tint is one of that which is a very faint shade. These shades do not change the color of your eyes much but instead gives the eyes a slight blue or green shade. The enhancement tint as the name suggests does actually give your eye a new color. It is difficult to make out if one is wearing a lens. These are usually for people who have light colored eyes. Lastly, the opaque tint is ones for those with dark iris color. These are the opaque lens and thus, hide the original color of your eye.

Costume lenses or the lenses used by the artist on stage or sets to mimic monster character are also opaque. These give your eye an unrealistic look, more like those of animals or monsters.
The question that is frequently asked is. We wear lenses regularly; will it harm our eyes? The answer is no! Contact lenses need to be taken good care of. Regular usage does not harm the eye, but unhygienic lenses are harmful to the eye. You have to remember our eyes are the most delicate body part. Hence, purchasing a good quality lens and making sure the brand is trustworthy.

Visiting a doctor is always the best suggestion. So, if you are interested in buying a lens for yourself for the first time, you better seek help from a professional.

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