7 HCG Diet Tricks That Can Get You Best Results

Weight loss is a challenge for a majority of people and this usually happens because of lack of results from the diet plans they follow. You may be sticking religiously to a diet plan and fitness regime but not getting results; one of the main reasons could be that you may be doing something wrong. So it is better to know the ins and outs of a diet plan before you start with it. When it comes to HCG diet, you will find thousands of people vouching for its amazing results. However, there is a difference between following a plan blindly and following it being fully aware. Let us list some HCG diet tricks that can help you lose weight faster and sustain the results for longer. 

1. Know the protocol well enough

Before you start, it is best to know everything about the protocol that you will be following in the coming weeks so that you can take it till the end. Primarily, the plan comprises three phases that require you to eat specific types of foods along with the use of HCG hormone. Phase 1 is the loading phase that allows consumption of high-calorie foods, phase 2 is the burning phase when you have to opt for very low-calorie food and phase 3 is the maintenance phase when the calorie intake is gradually optimized.

2. Plan your meals beforehand

Another useful tip to get the best results from the diet is to chalk out your meal plan well ahead of time. When you have a week’s plan listed on paper, you save time on food prep and calorie counting, which means much less stress. Furthermore, you get to work on different recipes that make even the very low-calorie phase an exciting one. Just know your food list and serving size well enough and you can fit in some amazing meals even with the 500 calories daily limit.

3. Stick to the diet

Now that you have adequate HCG diet info and weekly meal plans ready, all you need to do is to stick to them. The biggest challenge that most dieters come across is avoiding temptations like fatty foods and sugar. The success of the HCG diet greatly depends on avoiding these foods because even taking them in tiny portions can have a negative impact on the effect of the hormone. So make sure that you avoid even a bite or two.

4. Drink plenty of water

While eating the right kinds of foods is the key, drinking plenty of water is equally essential for successful and sustainable weight loss with HCG diet. It keeps you hydrated and curbs cravings, which makes you eat lesser and still feels satiated through the day. Furthermore, high water intake supports the hormone to metabolize abnormal fats to keep your energy levels high. Try to increase your water intake to at least a gallon a day and drink it even when you are not thirsty.

5. Eat less but at closer intervals

Eating less but at closer intervals is another handy tip to get your HCG diet plan working more effectively. Since you may be hungry during the low cal phase, you may feel like overeating but this is the worst thing you can do even if you are sticking to calorie limits. Focus on dividing your calorie intake during the day, with small but frequent helpings. This will enable you to overcome the hunger pangs yet stay high on energy levels.

6. Do it as a twosome

Following the plan becomes much easier when you do it as a twosome, with a friend or a partner. You can cook together and try new ideas to make the protocol more enjoyable. Also, having a diet partner reduces the chances of cheating at any point in time. It keeps you motivated and sometimes even encourages you to stretch your limits due to the competitive spirit. With the HCG diet, two is always better than one!

7. Meditate

Meditation works like magic for weight watchers who are following the HCG diet or any other diet plan for that matter. It keeps you relaxed and focused on your weight loss goals. It alleviates stress, which is one of the factors that keep you from reaching an optimal weight. Moreover, meditation keeps you calm and determined so that you are able to control your hunger and achieve sustainable results faster and better.

While the HCG diet is highly effective for weight loss, following these tips can make the results even more worthy and sustainable. These tricks have the potential to drive better adherence and enable you to reach your targeted weight even faster than you may expect. 

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