The Power To Change A Child’s Destiny

Fostering is nothing short of an act of unconditional love. Hundreds of potential foster parents fail to realize what they can do to make the world a better place and raise a beautiful mind. It is probably the most satisfying job you can have in the world where the only qualification you would need is an ability to love. Children are simply a manifestation of purity, innocence, and raw emotions.

What Is Fostering?

Childhood is the most beautiful period in the life of a human being. To be cared for and provided for, to be young and stress-free are feelings you can experience only when you are a child. However, the experience of childhood is not so wonderful for many unfortunate children. They are forced to face situations beyond their understanding.
When the parents of a minor are convicted for a crime, caught for mistreating their children, ignorant or have performed acts of neglect on the child, the child is rescued from them and placed under the state’s care. This also happens in a situation where the parents are deceased, or in a circumstance where the child cannot be cared for in a suitable manner.

How Does Fostering Work?
After the government takes responsibility for the minor, they are then assigned to government-funded agencies to place them in foster homes for their well-being. Here, certified foster carers welcome the child into their homes with warm hearts and do everything within their limits to ensure his healthy development and growth.

Why Be A Foster Carer?
Being a foster carer is one the best way to turn into a better person and help a little one along the way. It is necessary to get emotionally close to your foster child, but it is also integral to know that foster children do not stay in the state’s care for more than four to five years on average. Blood relatives are located and given custody of the child. However, in rare situations adopting a foster care child is also deemed possible if the ties with the parents are severed off.

In a world filled with complaints about not obtaining job satisfaction, and unfair working schedules, choosing a career as a foster carer can be hugely satisfying and rewarding. To have a child in your house is like having a dose of happiness every now and then. Granted you will have to deal with the tantrums and blue moments as well, but know that these are children who have been through a lot and deserve nothing less than some unconditional love.

Who Can Be A Foster Carer?
Disregarding common misunderstandings about foster care, it is important to understand that you do not have to be married, rich or have a huge household in order to become a foster parent. Almost anyone with a kind heart and a clean criminal record can enlist themselves as a foster carer. However, it is integral to have a home and the suitable facilities where the child can grow into a kind-hearted individual.

It is not necessary that you have to be a stay at home mom in order to be a foster carer either. In a situation where both the parties in the family are working, a facility should be made where either one of them will be present at home at any time of the day.

Qualities A Foster Carer Should Nurture
There exists no recipe for perfect parenting, foster or biological. However, having some valuable qualities such as patience can help a lot while you are in this job. Having a stable and healthy family can help the kids grow up in a healthy manner.

Children tend to turn their ears away from advice but however learn from the actions they see. So it is also integral to have the personal maturity and a good knack of handling situations.
It is also necessary to be on the children’s side. They will require a lot of support and love to heal and be okay being away from their parents. Taking their side after understanding everything about them, will be a great way to establish a bond between both parties.

A family is the first team spirit experience a child undergoes. Hence it is important to show the children how to become a team player by demonstrating it yourself.
These points can help you be a better parent and guide young minds and nurture them into kind-hearted individuals that the world requires. Being a foster parent is an experience that can be compared to a roller coaster ride; adventurous, spontaneous, brave and without any regrets.

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