The Joy of Gifting – Ideas for Men’s Presents

There are few things as pleasurable as watching a pleasantly surprised loved one open a gift that you have carefully chosen. Buying presents for people is a fun experience if you get creative and know the person well.

It can be related to a special interest or a nice addition to the wardrobe. However, if you are making the investment and want a great reaction, it is best to spend some time weighing your options. Here are some tips and ideas on gifting for men.

Men’s Jewelry

Men’s jewelry is an ever-expanding range and there are some rather striking products and designs available nowadays. Watches and finger rings are a timeless gift while items made of precious metals can also be cherished for a very long time.
Here are a few things to remember when you are picking up jewelry for a man. With women, jewelry is usually the centerpiece of the outfit. With men, jewelry has a more accentuating function. The attention remains on the outfit but an ear stud here and a gold chain there adds that extra layer of personality. Simple but sophisticated bracelets are a trendy option. There are many ‘gold bracelet for men options’ – with styles ranging from minimalist to classically ornate, maintaining a masculine essence.

Men’s necklaces also come in a wide range of options. Small-looped chains in gold or silver can have a pendant added. Add a picture to make the gift more personal in nature.
Need some more handy tips when picking up men’s jewelry? Know the skin tone of the wearer. If he has a cool skin tone (veins show) then silver tones are ideal while gold works for a warm skin tone (no veins showing). Think of the environment where he will probably be wearing the gift. Does he attend a lot of formal events? What is his dress code like? What kind of workplace does he have – does it involve a lot of physical activity?

Don’t go extreme if you are not sure of the reaction. If you are buying jewelry for someone who has never worn it before, keep things simple and subtle. A flashy watch or bracelet might be a little difficult to get used to for someone unfamiliar with wearing accessories. The size of the person also matters. For slighter-framed men buy jewelry that is slimmer and delicate while for large framed men pick up thicker, chunky pieces.


Watches are an old favorite that will never go out of style. Chronographs have a classic look with multiple functionalities while water-resistant diver watches combine style with endurance. Italian designer watches reinvent traditional shapes of the typical timepieces – they would make memorable gifts while mechanical watches reveal the unique beauty of the minutes and gears. Military and aviator watches are some more popular variants. Apart from special timepieces, a watch case can be a very nice gift for someone who collects timepieces.

Men’s Clothing Accessories

Cufflinks add a distinctive, regal touch to a formal dress shirt. A pair of cufflinks is an elegant gift idea for men who love to dress up. Cufflinks can be hinged into the holes of the cuffs and the more expensive ones are usually a solid piece that needs to be squeezed through.
A tie is a very essential part of the wardrobe so it makes a very useful gift. When picking up a tie, here are some pointers. Keep in mind the wearer’s body frame. Wide ties work for larger people who wear regular fitting suits while skinny ties can only be worn with slim fitting outfits. The texture is as important as pattern and color when it comes to fabrics. Some ties will have a shine while some have a matte-like finish from a distance. Silk ties will never go out of style so it is the safest choice. Silk is also very durable and because it drapes very well, the wearer can try out different types of knots.

Bar Accessories

Dads and husbands like to sit back with a beer or good bourbon when the time allows. Bar accessories are a wonderful gift for the ones who are particular about their brews and malts. Nowadays, the rage is pouring your drinks on ice balls rather than regular cubes. The science behind it says that because the ice ball takes longer to melt, the drink stays stiff for a longer period of time. Instead of an ice tray, you need a mold to make these icy spheres and they are easily available online.
Accessories for a bar are better in a set rather than individual pieces. An expensive corkscrew or a luxury crystal set for those liquor shots will add to the party mood. Ralph Lauren cocktail shakers are very famous. Bar furniture is another wonderful gift idea. Get a rich wooden cabinet made for the single malts or add a removable bar counter in the home.

Hobbies and Collectibles

If your loved one is an avid collector of particular items, gifting becomes even easier. Collectibles can be of many types. Rare comics, baseball cards, and limited edition action figures and statuettes are some of the popular choices and many established websites can give you a range of options. The collections by Todd McFarlane are some of the best in North America and have high collector’s value.

Sports merchandise is another thoughtful present. Apart from jerseys and jackets of his favorite franchises, you can consider bobbleheads of famous sports personalities and mascots, watches, and other sports-themed car or room décor items.

Hobbies offer another perspective if you are planning a gift. A toolset will be a nice gift for someone who likes to tinker around the home. Screwdriver sets, chisel sets, and air compressors are just some of the many nice gifts that you can surprise the tool enthusiasts with. It is quite possible that the person you are gifting these things already has a complete set of tools. Do some sneaking around and establish what needs to be upgraded or replaced.

How to Plan the Perfect Gift

If you have some time on your hands then the gift planning process is a good start. Start with a list of things they like and dislike so you do not end up buying an awkward gift. This will give you an idea of things to add to the gift master list. From this master list, narrow it down to gifts that have a unique or exclusive feel to them. They should reflect your relationship with the person as well. Remember that it is not about the money. The gift should reveal to the person that you know him well and you care for the little things. The little gifts are the ones that are remembered the most.

A gift does not have to be something tangible. How about a weekend at a golf course? Throw a small surprise party with props and confetti and let it culminate with a nice dinner with relatives and friends. It can also be plane tickets to an exotic destination, or a regular favorite place nearby.  Customize simple gifts. Do you have a special picture together? Get it printed on a mug or a window screen.

Never forget that your gift tells the person what he means to you. Break away from the regular stuff – stereotypes betray a lack of imagination or effort. And of course, make sure you add a note to the gift. After all, it’s about you too.

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