How to Maintain Your Goals

When people talk about goal setting and maintenance, they tend to speak on the traditional professional or academic goals. However, goal setting in your personal and spiritual life (what kind of person you want to be, what you’d change about your character) is just as important if you really want to see yourself succeed. Whatever the nature of the goals you’ve set though, across the board, maintaining those goals is where things get a bit difficult. It’s easier to set goals than it is to maintain them or to bring them to life.

Maintaining Personal/Spiritual Goals

   Block out all sources of negativity and lessen as much as possible the influences that are counter to the goal you have set. I said “lessen as much as possible” because I understand that a lot of the time the persons in our lives who harbour negativity or attitudes that make it difficult to work on ourselves are family members we live with or people we go to school with and we can’t exactly just avoid them or completely get rid of them without breaking the law. So a lot of the time blocking out negativity is something that has to be done within yourself because physically eradicating them from your space (legally) is impossible. Learn to filter out what you accept in your spirit. Take whatever time you have alone to build up your internal defense against negativity. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself. Make your spirit and your mental space a hostile environment for that negativity to exist in and over time it will know it’s not welcome.


     Actively work towards your self-improvement.- Persons tend to treat personal development as though it’s something they’ll arrive at overnight but your personal and spiritual goals require just as much active effort on your part as your academic goals. Take the business of personal development seriously. Want to see yourself be more empathetic? Practice having empathy and call yourself out on it when you don’t.

Maintaining Professional/Academic Goals

STAY making moves. Sew seeds.- Always be working on something. Consistent action towards attaining the goals you’ve set and actively making them a priority in your life will not only help you to maintain that goal but to achieve it. Opportunities to advance yourself and your aspirations are out there and are there for you to make use of them. Take those opportunities. Read the article you put down for tomorrow today, study that topic, go to that forum, speak up, join that organization, make an impact, make yourself known, NETWORK.

    Vision Board!!- Many persons who have created vision boards have attested to the fact that the goals they set on their vision board have manifested and that the constant image of the board did serve to keep their goals at the forefront of their minds and to motivate them to work towards them.

       Surround yourself with goal-oriented people!- Be selfish with your space. Surround yourself with people who push you to be better and to go after your goals. People whose thoughts and attitudes don’t facilitate goal maintenance get put in the restricted access zone of your life. You don’t need counterproductive influences.

Lastly, and a tip that applies to both sets of goals- Never lose sight of the reason behind the goal. What’s your motivation? Why do you do what you do? The reason behind your goal is what will keep you going after it when you feel discouraged and want to stop. Remember your reason.

Written By Dahlia Thomas | All Rights Reserved

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