How Body Image Affects Our Self-Esteem And Mental Health

We tend to evaluate ourselves in comparison to others. And the problem is that most of the time, the image we have about others isn't a realistic one. Meaning we will have difficulties in forming a positive image of our bodies.

And what is it exactly that makes us feel bad about the way we look? Where do we get that idea that we are not attractive enough, not perfect enough? The shortest answer would be - in the social media.
Just think about it - the moment you take a look at your mobile phone, you get bombarded by pictures of beautiful people. It's not just the celebrities' pics - it's also the people in every possible type of ads. You can't run away from the body image they are imposing on you. They are setting the standards of how people should look like.
The issue is in the fact that most of us simply can't look that way. And what's even more ridiculous - neither can those people in the photos. Their looks have been modified, photoshopped and improved in so many ways you wouldn't believe. And yet, you will still try to look more like them and keep on feeling guilty when you fail. And keep on building a bad image of your body without realizing how damaging it is for your self-esteem.

Body image and self-esteem - where's the connection and why is it important?

Your body image and your self-esteem have a direct influence on each other. More precisely, the thought you have, your feelings and the way you behave towards others and yourself are a result of that co-influence of the two.
In other words, if you don't appreciate your body, it will have a negative impact on the way you feel about yourself as a person. And it works the same the other way round - if you don't value yourself as a person, it's very difficult to value your body the way it is. And when these two come together, they pose a threat to your mental health. If you think you don't look good as others and you are not as good as others, it will ultimately end with you feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed.
Don't think that, in order to preserve good mental health, you should feel happy all the time. Good mental health comes from learning how to be realistic about the way we look and what we are capable of as a person and to be perfectly ok with that. It's about learning to accept yourself the way you are in the physical sense, together with all your skills and abilities.
It doesn't happen overnight; there are a few steps to follow on an everyday basis in order to improve our body image, helping our self-esteem at the same time and protecting our mental health.

1. Block social media
The moment you notice that a certain app or a Facebook or Instagram profile makes you feel bad about yourself, cut it out from your life. You are the one in control of what you see and read, so filter what pops on your phone and laptop.

2. Be aware of your unique beauty

Appreciate that which is unique on you and don't let it disappear. Even if you think of undergoing a surgical procedure, never do anything that will change your unique features. Renowned clinics in Australia know that excellence in plastic surgery means retaining the uniqueness of every person. They aim to keep the natural look - just like Panthea experts in Canberra state: the procedure should illuminate your own beauty, not create something unnatural. That's why plastic surgery in Canberra and all over Australia serves to maintain your natural beauty – it makes you unique.

3. Understand the fake reality around you

You should understand that nothing around you is the way it seems. Nobody looks perfect when they get out of bed and nobody looks as great as in their pictures. They feel and look just as you do, so relax and be realistic about others as you are about yourself.

4. Take care of yourself

Nurture your body through a healthy diet and regular exercise that does you good. Do it because it's healthy for you, not because it will make you look a certain way. And don't go overboard with strict diets and intensive workouts. Be gentle with your body.

5. Don't fish for compliments

Yes, it's nice to get compliments about your looks from others, but don't allow that to be the guide to how to feel about yourself. Your confidence should come within; it should not be developed by other people's opinion.

Final words

Your body image will improve in time if you make an effort. The better you feel about yourself, the better opinion you will have of your body. And the more you work to appreciate your body, the better you will appreciate yourself as a person.

Written by: Mia Johnson | All Rights Reserved

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