A letter to younger me

Dear Younger Me,
You made it! You’re a big shot lawyer making six figures a month, having a faithful husband, two beautiful kids, and a massive house on the beach with two of the latest Range Rovers parked in the garage. That’s where the dream lays so smile and take it one day at a time.
University is just another pothole on the rocky path to your dreamed destination. All you need to do is slow down and drive through the potholes carefully because we can’t afford to damage the new vehicle, it’s expensive. If only I wasn’t stuck in this large hole right now with a busted tire, no gas nor engine failure then. I would believe that the road was as smooth as I thought. I expected the hole but I did not know that it would be this deep.
Alyssa, high school and college were a breeze compared to university so enjoy it while it lasts. Speed up your vehicle, relax and watch the wind blow through your hair. Make a lot of friends, do the things you love and most importantly stop wasting time in school. You’re going to need a good GPA in order to get scholarships so CXC examinations aren’t the only thing that matters. In the class test, unit test and end of year examinations all play a vital role in making your GPA high. Therefore you cannot keep the mentality that ‘you don’t need to pass those tests because the university doesn’t ask for a transcript, CXC alone matters,’ because you will crash. Everything is important in some way or the other. Please, I beg, sign up for the scholarships when you get the opportunity because if you wait until the last minute then there is a high chance of not meeting the deadline, which you didn’t.

Be sure of what you want to become in life at least from high school. Because the stunt you pulled on the highway almost wrecked the car. You can’t decide to change majors during the orientation period moving from one that cost approximately $300,000 to one that is $1.3 mil. Doing that is putting your parents in a lot of financial stress. You should have at least discussed other options with them so that they could be more prepared when you take that sudden break on them. Well, at least you have the student loan to help. They fixed up one of your tyres so now you have fewer things to worry about, or so you thought. For law they only give you a part of the money, so you still have to pay over $400,000 on your own, thus the reason you will be stuck in the middle of the road.
It may look like a clear path right now, but you’re still young, the road is still smooth. You will soon take up the responsibilities of living on your own and trying to survive without the comfort you’re used to.  But you’re going to make it! Your dreamed life awaits, it’s only at the end of the road.
As you go along each day someone will stop to give you gas and fix your engine. Then all you need to do is drive slowly with your head held high. Keep in touch with your family because when you hit new roadblocks, they are the ones who you will want to call first. Remember to sing a few songs along the way because that’s where your joy comes from. Keep smiling and charm the world with your honesty, you are going to be fine.
Yours Always,


 Written By: Alyssa Brown | All Rights Reserved

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