Watching Stuff as an ADULT --Angela Anaconda

Hi Guyssss! Madame Haute here -- while watching the VMA's and saw that The Hills was coming back, my mind immediately went into the nostalgia of a time when TV was fun. I remembered some of the shows as I watched in High School and Prep School and wondered what it would be like if I watched those same shows as an adult.

To kick this series off, I will be starting off with a show called "Angela Anaconda" which aired on ABC Family and came in the evenings after school. Below is a video of one of the episodes that I will discuss from the theme sone onwards.

The opening song is done by Angela herself and gives an introduction to .. herself. There's a cute dog at the piano and another blonde girl who is Nanette Manoir who is the mean popular girl. We can tell by the opening song there will be drama between Angela and Ninette.

Watching as an adult ....

First off, I have no idea what style of animation this is but what I do know is that they look like hella creepy zombies. Were they supposed to be zombie people since zombies were popular back then? Angela lived in Tapwater Springs (a very convenient name for a town) and with her weird looking group of friends who all first and last names that rhymes. One important thing to note is .. the characters are called by their first and last name by each other.

This episode was about the town's annual bicycle race where Angela Anaconda will not be taking part of "on account of" she got a crappy hand me down bike from her brother. For the 2000's the language for this show was quite crude --the kids had no filter and pretty much said whatever. Of course, Angela Anaconda is upstaged by Nanette Manoir who appears out of nowhere on a shiny NEW Bicycle that has the other kids oogling.

Throughout every episode, Angela Anaconda has several dream sequences that are violent that often result in the death of a character usually Nanette Manoir and in this one, she uses the Bicycle pump to inflate Nanette Manoir's head until it explodes --what a wicked child! The prize money for the Bicycle race is $200. While heading home from school Angela Anaconda and her friends (Johnny Abbati, Gina Lash, and Gordy Rhinehart) knocked over a trash can with a wallet with $200 (how convenient) As Angela is scolded by her bestie the token "chubby friend" Gina lash and the rest of the crew to give the wallet back. Angela then sees a shiny new bike in a store window for $200 and decides to buy it the next day. Angela heads home to hide the wallet so no one can find it and decides to bury it in a hole in her backyard dug by her dog -- I'm sure she had a room and could easily put it there but that would be the smart obvious choice. As luck would have it a storm hit that same night and when she woke up she didn't remember where it was buried. To make things worse, her Dad lost a new wallet that had $200 which was the same one!!

That same $200 was a to surprise Angela by buying the same bike she saw -- Angela felt so guilty for losing her dad's wallet that she rushed offed without telling him the truth and headed to the race. She again has another dream sequence about Nanette (no surprise) then heads back to reality.

This was a hard episode to get through as an adult as it was plain stupid and violent and had no point! I think I watched it for the entertainment value as a child and the fact that the characters looked like animated zombies!

If you watched this show, tell me how you liked it - or not

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