My Nightmare Foundation Color Match Experience

Disclaimer: Even though I'm a Blogger, I'm not that into Make-up! A "full face" for me is a powder foundation, brushed brows, and glossy lips -- and a liquid foundation is often reserved for special events and select "outings".

I was completely out of liquid foundation and decided to get color matched (for the fun of it) since I have to purchase two different shades and mix them together to get my own shade. I wanted to be matched with my exact shade because I really didn't feel like purchasing two different shades. Off I went to a popular make-up spot in the Kingston Metropolitan area to get shade matched. The minute I stepped out the car, I saw a young lady who looked as bright as the sun (Jamaican manufactured browning), with a heavy face of make-up who literally looked like the makeup was waay too heavy and she was about to fall all the way over. I thought to myself aloud "Lawd God, I hope she's not the Make-up artist".  When I stepped inside the store and told my brand of choice to one of the reps then, In walks the lady with "the face" and I was literally scared. There is something about extremely long nails and touching another person's face that kinda scares me. "Please don't let that lady touch me", it's like she read my mind in reverse and came in true sales girl style, "right up in my face ... literally" trying to sell me a shade.

My actual foundation that matches my actual skin -- no line of demarcation

Our conversation went a little like this...

MUA: Let me try this shade, she said ---(which was 2 shades too light for me)
ME: I don't think that's my shade, it looks too light
MUA: Relax, it will oxide to your shade in 10-15 minutes
ME: This is definitely not my shade, I'm a simple girl and I like my makeup to look as natural as possible. This is not my shade ..
MUA: ok Miss, I will bring the shade that matches your skin tone and put on the next side of your face with this one so you could see the difference -- this is your shade (the light one)
ME: Bring me my shade please --- (looks in the mirror to see it matches my skin tone) This is my shade, see, this is how make-up is supposed to look, there is no obvious line of demarcation -- it just matches
MUA (Still trying to sell me the other shade and calls another person for a 2nd opinion) the lighter one brings you out more, this is the look nowadays ... enuh, you look so bright and vibrant
ME: (Obviously upset) No offense to anyone, but I'm quite content with the skin tone I was born with, why would I want to look brown in the face with a dark body". Can I have a card of the correct shade so I can go straight to the distributor to purchase?

This is my 2nd time getting an in-store consultation (In Jamaica) and I'm noticing a trend, why do they think we all desire cake-face or brown face? why can't they listen to and work with the needs of their clients and actually match them to their actual shades? I'm not saying every MUA does it at the Make-up counter but this type of behavior turn people away.

I ended up going to another location to purchase my actual shade and definitely will not be going to that location again or recommending it to anyone.

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