Behind the Seams : Kadian Nicely | Fashion Designer

Style Week has come and gone but the Designers are here to stay! This talented model turned Designer is known for her bold mix of colors and patterns and has revolutionized streetwear by adding her own Jamaican Flair. Today, The Haute Lifestyle goes “Behind the Seams” with Kadian Nicely, founder of the eponymous Kadian Nicely Exclusive brand.

THP: Tell us about yourself briefly?
KN: My name is Kadian Nicely. I was born in St.Thomas, yes I'm a country girl. However, I went to school in Kingston and start modeling at the age of 16 for saint international. I can say am a very simple girl but yet quite complicated (am a Gemini so u get the drift). 

Kadian Nicely (left) and model Alexan
THP: How and when did you become a Fashion Designer?
KN: After modeling for 3 years I thought about the long-term opportunities and decided that fashion design would be a smarter choice. So at age 19, I was given an opportunity by Deiwght Peters to showcase my work on Fashion block. Before that, I would normally do fashion shows at my high school  “Camperdown high" when they had events. Therefore when the opportunity came for me to do Fashion Block I was ready and I never saw myself as anything other than a designer after that. 

THP: And your brand “Kadian Nicely Exclusive” … when did you start that?
KN: My brand name is Kadian Nicely which is my birth name. Exclusive is basically a subtitle that explains what the brand really is, which means it has never been seen before therefore it is unique, special, it’s just an exclusive.

THP: What is your mantra?
KN: My mantra -  I have more than one but the one I use mostly is "Omg I am so lucky “ or  “I am blessed” and to be honest I think I am. 

THP: Walk us through one of your busier days
KN: Omg “every day” usually Mondays and Saturdays. Monday because it is the start of the week; on Mondays, it’s actually analyzing the week and getting the orders out, while on Saturdays it a mixture of personal and business errands to run. 

THP: You are known for colorful and fun Instagram photos... what are your tips on taking pictures for Instagram
KN:  Taking a good photo for Instagram involves a lot of things, photographers would say good lighting and equipment but for me it’s just the clothes and the surrounding “you don’t even have to show your face" just come with something different, as an artist you will eventually develop that skill, in a nutshell, just practice and good taste, you have to have good taste. 

THP: Tell us about the Collection you showed at Style Week JA 2018?
KN:  My recent collection is a combination of Victorian silhouette and modern minimalism. There were crop tops, sets (which are trending), oversized shirt, there were also swim-wears and tees with a nipple illusion, everything from the collection was intentional as they give a sense of freedom in which one can wear the clothes. We are in the era of fashion where everyone is experimenting with style as a result garments are now constructed in a simpler form which is easier for shoppers to mix and match as they please. So I wanted something totally different but yet can be relatable to trends of this time. 

THP: How would you describe your own personal style?
KN: My personal style is vintage sexy. I love a piece from a different time, its kind of my way of escaping and becoming a whole different person. People think I dress up all the time, it’s just that every piece of garment that I design or purchase has to be of certain quality therefore when I put them on its like never seen before. So my from sunglasses to my shoes has to be different. “Turn heads” as my friend would say. So even if am going to the supermarket there should be something on my outfit that allows someone to ask "where did u get that from"? No matter how messy my hair is or how tired I look I should turn heads and start conversations. 

THP: Truth or dare: Truth “what is one thing people don’t know about you”. Dare: "I dare you to share an embarrassing moment"
KN: DARE! Omg. I have had so many embarrassing moments some I can’t 😁😁repeat. However, I remember this one time my ponytail fell off in the middle of an intersection lol, I picked it up and continue to cross the street, I've stopped wearing ponytails after that. 

THP: What can we expect from you in coming months?
KN: I really can’t say too much on this as for the most part Kadian Nicely is exclusive, but! we have a lot in store coming up. However, not everything has been finalized but I can say the brand will be easier to access in terms of website and also in store.

THP: Where can we find your pieces?
KN:  You can find  my ready  to wear collection at 
Nuego boutique 30A Constant Spring Road ( upstairs from Grandeur ) 

My couture or my high-end collection at on my Instagram or my website at

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