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Ladies! 2018 is the year to do what you really want to do ... without judgment! If there is something you want to change or improve, do it! Today, Girl Talk Week continues with the face -- we have information for those women who might want to have a more youthful appearance.

As technology moves forward, plastic surgery techniques become better and more affordable every year. However, some people still shy away from enhancing their looks because they have not kept current with all the medical milestones available to surgeons. Today, almost anything is possible to turn back the clock and relive your youth again. Whether you wish to restore your face or body back to its youthful days or prefer to change your features altogether, a skilled surgeon can make your dreams come true.

Why Should I Have A Facelift?

In short, the three main reasons are:

1. A wide variety of enhancements are available at your disposal.
2. Facelifts and body renovations are affordable for most patients.
3. A facelift restores more than just your youth; it restores your confidence and sense of well-being.

Top 5 Signs That You are Ready For a Facelift

1. You have been thinking about this procedure for some time. Most people cogitate on new ways to improve themselves. Unlike a snap decision for buying a new wardrobe, the ideal facelift candidate has thought carefully about taking the ultimate step towards self-improvement.

2. Your motives are right. The wrong reasons to alter your appearance are to please someone else, try to look like a celebrity, or succumb to peer pressure and follow the crowd. Self-improvement should come from within and conclude with a peaceful decision to take action for yourself.

3. You are beginning to talk about facelifts and other body renovations. Once you have entertained the idea and feel comfortable with it, you are open to meaningful conversations about various enhancements and procedures.

4. Researching your options. A soon-to-be candidate for a facelift enjoys viewing the before and after photos online. This helps one recognize his or her problem areas and get a glimpse of what is possible to restore their own body.

5. Excitement chases away anxiety. Once you feel the hope, the freedom, and realize the accessibility of your procedure, the stress seems to melt away. The decision to schedule an appointment is close at hand and you are on your way to achieving your goal.

Non-Surgical Facelift Options

1. Filler Injections
Patients who wish to reduce the puffiness under their eyes may opt for a temporary fix with filler injections. This procedure takes only a few minutes and restores the plumpness of hollowed-out under eyelids and sagging skin. The two most popular filler substances are Restylane and Juvederm. This procedure is minimal invasion and relatively inexpensive. The downside is that the filler dissipates over time and the process must be repeated.

2. Fat Transfers
A fat transfer procedure is similar to a filler injection in the sense that the patient regains facial volume by injection of their own fat. A doctor will extract fat with a syringe from one part of the body and use the liquid to plump the face around the eyes, to fill in wrinkles, and to remove the vertical marionette lines around the mouth. Fat transfers are long-lasting to permanent and may be the best option for a non-surgical facelift candidate.

3. Laser Treatments and Ultrasound
Laser treatments include intensely pulsed light therapy which creates subtle improvements to the face over a series of treatments. This type of facelift offers natural-looking restoration to tighten jowls, loose skin, puffiness around the eyes and more. Many light therapy patients see remarkable facial improvements after the first treatment, however, more than one treatment is recommended for firming sagging skin. Light therapy is painless and patients do not need any recovery time. In addition, this type of non-surgical procedure is the most cost-effective with one initial visit and a few maintenance sessions if necessary. Laser treatment results are long-lasting to permanent.

Some of the Most Popular Surgical Procedures:

1. Facelifts that include, but are not limited to:

* Upper and Lower Eyelid Lifts (Blepharoplasty)
* Brow Lift
* Upper Male Neck Lift
* Jawline Contouring for Men
* Wrinkle Reduction

2. Body

* Arm Lift
* Body Lift
* Forearm Implants
* Liposuction
* Tummy Tuck
* Mommy Makeover
* Brazilian Butt Lift
* Body Banking, a signature fat transfer procedure developed by the award-winning plastic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Steinbrech.


* Breast Augmentation and Reduction
* Breast Reconstruction
* Breast Lift
* Male Breast Reduction


* Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the removal of skin cancer.

Who should you contact

Dr. Andrew Jacono is one of the nation's top plastic surgeons and is dual board certified for facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. In addition, Dr. Jacono treats patients from all over the world that includes celebrity and VIP clients.

His 5-star facility is certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities. This prestigious organization requires hospital-level equipment and the highest safety standards. You can learn more about his labor and types of procedures by checking his website at


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