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This week will be dubbed as "Girl Talk Week" where will talk about issues women are afraid to talk about. Some of the topics might even be a bit taboo but we thought we would impart some knowledge as some of these have become trends. Keep reading to learn all about "Breast Lifts".

As we get older and we experience life, pregnancy, weight fluctuations, nursing, and gravity can affect how the breasts look. In other women, the breasts may sag prematurely; the nipples may start to point down offering no forward look. When this happens, it affects the self-confidence and self-esteem of most women.

If you are in this situation, you are not alone, and there is a procedure that can restore back your confidence, by ensuring that your nipples are pointing forwards.

What causes sagging breasts?

Several factors contribute to sagging as we mentioned earlier, to look deeper at the causes, here is a list of the familiar causes:

     Aging causes less fibrous tissue, softer connective tissue and drier skin which contribute to ptosis.

     Losing more than 50-pounds of weight can be beneficial to your overall health, but your breasts will have it otherwise. This is because of the loss of fat that was in the breasts.

     Larger breasts tend to sag much faster.

     According to the Annals of Plastic Surgery study, 85% of women who experience at least one pregnancy experience changes in their breast shape. This is because a woman’s breast will start to produce milk which will affect the breast size.

     A smoking person will have saggier breast compared to a non-smoker. There are several studies that have shown how smoking leads to breast ptosis.

After looking at the causes of sagging breasts, let us look at the solutions that can help you regain perky breasts.

Breast lift for sagging breasts

Although most women have different concerns about their breasts size and shape, they all share the same psychological hurt of their appearance. The dissatisfaction they have with their breasts causes a negative impact on the way they carry themselves.

A breast lift is a solution that helps to reshape the breasts for a fuller and perky look. A breast lift is also referred to as mastopexy; this procedure can be done on the breasts of any size. Although both large and small breasts can undergo this treatment, lasting results are seen in women with lighter breasts.

How does a breast lift impact women?

The difference in women before and after a breast lift is like night and day. The change that happens in their appearance extends to their attitudes. There are women who after experiencing months of saggy breasts have forgotten what it looks like to have perky breasts. But once they regain their breast shape, they start relieving the days of their youth.

A positive boost in a woman's self-esteem is a primary objective of the breast lift surgery. It is amazing to see the smile on the faces of the patients once they take a look at their new sets of breasts after surgery.

How to improve the natural shape of your breasts

There are different sizes and shapes in breasts. Your breasts are shaped to complement your body, but once you start having sagging breasts, it easily distorts your body shape.

The work of the plastic surgeon is to enhance the breast’s natural beauty without going overboard. When you go for a consultation, your doctor will examine your breasts together with your body shape to determine the correct lift that will give your body the right result.

If you have small breasts that don’t have volume, combining implants with a breast lift can be an effective way of increasing the size and maintaining a good firmness to your breasts. This is one option, as you can also have the lift, or have a breast augmentation; which all depends on your goals.

What you need to know

Some women express some concerns about breastfeeding once the breast lift is done. Breast lifts do not interfere with breastfeeding, but if you get pregnant after your breast lift, it will begin to stretch.

What happens in surgery

Before the day of the surgery, you will be placed under anesthesia. For the surgeon, depending on the lift you need, and the amount of skin that needs to be removed, a couple of incisions will be made.

Once the incisions are done, the nipples will be placed in the right position, and the excess skin will be removed. If you have small breasts and you are adding implants, they will be placed through the incisions. There are two positions in which the implants will be positioned, one is on the subglandular tissue or under the submuscular tissue, depending on your body type and the result to be achieved.

What happens during a recovery?

After the surgery, you will have bandages over a gauze. The surgeon will prescribe pain medications to increase your comfort. You will begin to experience some numb feeling on your breast skin and nipples due to the swelling.

Once the swelling starts to reduce after around six weeks, you will be able to feel your breasts again; but in some patients, the feeling of the breasts can take longer before resuming. It is rare for patients to feel numb on a permanent basis, the only extreme case is that some patients can begin to feel more sensitive after the surgery.

You need to take at least a week off your work and daily engagements; rest and staying at home without working your body too much, this will help to speed up the recovery. During the first week, you will need to make small movements, but most importantly have someone to assist you with your home chores.

If you have kids, you will have to refrain from engaging in their daily schedules as the work will be on someone else. After a few days, you will use a support bra instead of the bandages to hold your breasts; you will wear the bra for about four weeks.

After about 10 days of resting, you will be able to return to your daily activities. But you have to avoid any heavy lifting and intense body exercises for about six weeks. After the first two weeks, the stitches will be removed, you will have the perky breasts you deserve, and the body will be in charge of the recovery.

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