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Think of Instagram "Body Goals" in Jamaica and immediately the name and image of Krystal Pitt (@krystalangelique ) come to mind. Krystal can be seen on Instagram's Explore page confidently showing off a toned bikini-clad bod in one of her latest photo-shoots. Contrary to popular belief, the Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 1st Runner-Up did not "wake up" like this and had to develop the confidence and discipline to work-out to get her body to what it is today. The Haute Lifestyle caught up with her just to see how she became "Instagram Body Goals" and to learn her work-out secrets.

THP: Tell us a bit about your background
K.P: So, I was born in Miami, FL on Saturday, July 9, 1994, the last of a family of 4 kids, but went to Jamaica at 2 months old. I have a sister and two brothers. We started off living at my grandma’s house in Kingston and at the age of 8, we moved into our current family home in the Kingston 8 area. I started school at Stella Maris Prep but didn’t stay there for too long and then later on started my Prep school journey at C.C.A.C.C (Covenant Christian Academy and Children’s Center). During my youth, my mom made sure to keep us busy so I was enrolled in Gymnastics, Karate, Swimming, Piano, Violin, Flute and Voice lessons while taking theory classes at Edna Manley. We would go to the beach almost EVERY SUNDAY! It was amazing, thanks, mom. In 5th grade, there was an incident that happened in the school where I was unfairly punished and got to the point that I changed schools. I finished my prep school days at Wolmer’s Prep School. After taking GSAT I ended up passing for my 2nd choice, St Andrew’s High School for Girls. High school really molded me into the woman I am today, the people and experiences I’ve encountered. After 5th form, my mom told me we would be moving to Florida. I was devastated.

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THP: Tell us about your fitness journey?
K.P: I’ve always been “athletic” and a part of different extra-curricular activities but over time I learned that its 99% foods we eat and 1% working out that makes any difference. Growing up, my mom was ALWAYS active and seeing that subconsciously led me to my journey. When I moved to Florida I didn’t know many people so I had time on my hands to start focusing on me completely. After a few weeks of living in Miami, I had gotten a job at the mall where I was making my first paychecks. With this consistent flow of money coming through (like $250/week which was a BIG DEAL at the time) I decided that I no longer had an excuse to go to the gym. I started to feel uncomfortable with my body and was always tired and felt lazy and was not motivated to do anything. At this point, I had been working out for some time with no changes (I never adjusted my diet) and got me a little demotivated.

I went to Jamaica for the summer and when I got back to FL EVERYTHING CHANGED. I was going to Broward College at the time and had decided to really make some changes. I got my bartending license and got a bartending job at Red Lobster. As a bartender, I was definitely making more money than at the mall and that was when my routines started. I would go to school then the gym then to work, I had gotten a trainer this time and I learned about adjusting my diet as well as the exercise in order for any changes to be made in my body. Don’t get me wrong I am human and I have slacked off numerous times which definitely affected my progress. Things we go through in life affect our progress in everything really, especially those that affect our emotions. Over the next few years I learned so much about fitness and it really and truly takes the experience to learn and grow and it sure did. I used to always look at other women who were dedicated enough to work-out every day and achieve the body that they have and I used to tell myself “why can’t I be disciplined too? If they can, so can I”. Always keeping this in mind 5 years later I am vegan and still trying to continuously progress.

THP: What does “body positivity” mean to you?
K.P: People should be happy with the way they look but they shouldn’t be happy about being unhealthy. Looks are a bonus, I want people to aspire to be healthy and that dream body will come.

THP: Talk us through your diet and workout routine?
K.P: So I recently became Plant Based (since Oct 2017) so I don’t eat meat, fish, dairy or soy. My new daily regime has been herbal teas first thing in the morning, followed by fruits until towards midday followed by raw veggies, grains, sprouts, lentils and cooked veggies. I’ll have a small snack (maybe hummus or something like that) I’ll have my last meal consisting of quinoa/wild rice/ sweet potatoes, veggies (raw or cooked or both), lentils and grains/sprouts. I do my weight lifting, working legs 2-3 times a week and then upper body the other day.

THP: What are 3 words people use to describe?
K.P: Outgoing. Connective. Adaptable.

THP: How did you become "Instagram Body Goals"?
K.P: Just by showing my journey and making sure I keep on track and dedicated to my goals.

THP: Finish the sentence ... " I cannot live without my"?

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