Master Stylist Brittany-Rae is Kingston's Go-To Girl for all Things HAIR

"Hairstylists and their clients have a really special relationship -- If you are highly skilled and have an open mind, you can be successful".

I am a picky person when it comes to just about everything inclusive of hair. I have been going to the same hairstylist for almost 2 years and I searched high and low to find her and when I did I had to be "wowed". I had seen Brittany-Rae at a few events and noted her New York meets Florida style and heard she was the latest sensation in hair and had to pay her a visit.

It was 5 p.m in the busy Loshusan Center where horns blared outside as people made their way through the well-traversed area.With parking secured I then made my way to Blow by Blow Salon -- I was greeted with the biggest smile and warmest hug from Master Stylist Brittany-Rae clad in black ankle pants and a nude sheer top. As we made acquaintance, she then explained her process which begins with a consultation. 
The Consultation: This is the 1st step in the process of getting your hair done by Brittany-Rae. It can last up to 10 minutes and history of your hair, products used + the style you have in mind, as well as her vision for your hair as the Master Stylist, are all discussed

Dubbed as the new girl on the scene, Brittany-Rae specializes in all things hair where she received her cosmetology license from the prestigious Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy. With her natural passion and talent for hair and her winning personality, she joined the Glamsquad NYC team where she did hair for socialites and other notable women in fashion and business. Flash- forward to today and Brittany-Rae is a Lifestyle columnist at Loop Jamaica and Kingston's Go-to girl for all things hair. I was able to chat with her as she did my hair for New York Fashion Week 🙂🙂

THP: Tell me about yourself?
Brittany-Rae: I was born and raised in Miami, I grew up in a Caribbean household where we would come to Jamaica for Summer and Christmas. I would spend the Summer with my cousin and grandmother. I grew up in a salon actually, my aunt owns a salon and every day I would go to work with her and I have 2 older brothers. I've always been artistic and outgoing and into Fashion -- just always been creative. I went to school for Fashion Merchandising and didn't finish, it's not what I wanted to do. I also got lost in the Miami Beach scene ( not gonna lie to ya' ) And then I drifted, I didn't want to do Fashion Merchandising, I wanted to do Interior Design but didn't get into it as it felt like I was majoring in architecture and minoring in Interior Design. I somehow just eventually fell into hair as it's something I've always loved. From the first day I went to hair school and did the 1st cut they were like "omg" she's a natural, I knew I didn't want to be an average hairstylist, I didn't want to own a Salon, I wanted to do Fashion shoots and be a celebrity hairstylist. I then went on to New York and found success fast because of my talent, personality and look -- between all this I had my daughter.

THP: What prompted you to get into hair?
Brittany-Rae: I was a single mom and I needed to find a trade fast! I went to the hairstylist and was getting my hair color and told her what I wanted and she was like "No client could ever come in here and know exactly what they want, you need to go to hair school" I thought that was a great idea so there was a school called Toni & Guy ( I was living in Rhode Island at that time) which was the Harvard of Hair School which I didn't know and I went there and jumped right in and as a single mom I had to do what I had to do for my daughter. I had to find a trade fast --that's what got me into hair, I needed to find something! I had to get it done and worked hard to get it done, I love what I do and so passionate about what I do. Everything aligned itself and that was that!

THP: What was your 1st hairstylist job?
Brittany-Rae: Yeah! at Glamsquad--I jumped into A-list clients right away! It's very high-end, very chic. My 1st job was the PR person at Ralph Lauren. I went to her house, it was this beautiful house in the city and so I never forget the air from my blow dryer must have touched her roots and she acted like I burned her with a flat iron. I remember her calling back the company and said that I burned her -- so that was my first experience. I liked the environment it was really cool to deal with that type of client for my first job. After that, I got to do Fashion Week and all those exciting things.

THP: Why did you decide to move back to Jamaica?
Brittany-Rae: Jamaica is and always has been my happy place. My soul is happiest here-- there is just something about Jamaica. I recently went to New York and when I touched down at the Airport it just felt like home. I met my daughter's father in Miami and was going back and forth between there and Jamaica and my cousin kept asking "where are you gonna be" and I told him "I'm leaving, I'm in love", and moved back to Miami. If I never met him I would have never left that time and I knew this was where I would raise my family and live no matter what and I planned to come here when my daughter was 5 but the struggle was so real in New York I didn't have support or family so I literally packed a 2 weeks worth of clothing suitcase and we've been here ever since. It has been the best move --the best! Jamaica is definitely my happy place!

THP: Can you tell me about a memorable "hair moment"?
Brittany-Rae: I would say doing hair on set at Milk Studios in New York City-- they have a huge, huge studio with big designers like Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton ... all of them and I was there for the whole week doing shoots on set and for me it didn't felt surreal, this is just the 1st year of my career and I'm working with these mega photographers and make-up artists and it was amazing to be around and brushing shoulders with these people within a year of my career.

THP: What are your "go-to" hair products?

Brittany-Rae: Texturizing Spray is a must for me, I'm a beach wave fanatic. It gives me that hold and texture and it sucks up any oil in my hair. Also, hair-spray mixed with dry shampoo together are the VIP products. I'm also getting into Redken because Redken Jamaica gifted me their whole product line and I use it a lot as it's easily accessible here -- definitely on my list.

THP: Is healthy hair a myth?
Brittany-Rae: No healthy hair is not a myth -- healthy hair is so serious. Healthy hair is so necessary and that's why I will not color and lighten relaxed hair because I'm not into that -- I'm not into having unhealthy hair. As soon as you put that color and lightener the hair will change and that's why I'm so excited about bringing OrganiGrow to Jamaica because it will get your hair to the porosity you need to have it to have healthy hair. It's gonna be life-changing for everybody. It's gonna work for my curly and natural girls and a life-changing product that everyone should have. 

THP: How do you create a work & life balance?
Brittany-Rae: It's crazy, crazy! My daughter has activities every day and I have them blocked accordingly. I'll come to work in the morning If I have clients and If I don't have clients I usually don't come in. I try to run my errands, do grocery shopping and do whatever I have to do. When I'm at work I don't get the chance to because I may have to take my daughter to swimming or whatever. Thank God for me working the way I have it here-- I'm not contracted so I can be flexible. Basically, I'm super Mom, I come to work in the morning and then I block out 3 hours and then I come back. That's just how I do it. I just make it work, I believe God never gives us more than we can handle and I stay prayed up -- ask, pray and receive.

THP: What are 3 items every woman should have in her hair-care routine?
Brittany-Rae: Serum, OrganiGrow, and Texturizing Spray -- texturizing spray is great to funk up the ends of your hair and it gives it texture.


I got a low tapered cut (sides) with a faux hawk and a semi-permanent dark brown rinse. I didn't mind going lower as I'm not that attached to my hair but I wanted a brown color instead of black. I loved the end result and how full and shiny my hair looked ...without the help of tracks! Brittany-Rae was extremely fun and knowledgeable about hair and gave tips about hair products and explained each step the of the process as we went along. I would highly, highly recommend her for all things hair (inclusive of natural) if you want a different look and for healthy hair! See photos below for my finished look!

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