#MeToo: Ode to Menswear Fashion at the Grammys 2018

The boutonniere took on a symbolic twist at last night's 60th annual Grammy Awards with a chic yet dainty White Rose. This white rose is in support of the #MeToo movement for women who have been sexually assaulted in various aspects of society and the workplace.

The white rose also has historical significance which represents a  non-violent, intellectual resistant group of female University students in Nazi Germany who was against Hitlers regime. Of course a great majority of those students met a bitter end, but they left a mark in history ... hence the symbol of the white rose today.

The white rose made it's fashion debut on last night's Red Carpet and had everyone wondering why everyone was wearing a white rose and why everyone else apparently didn't get the memo. This comes on the heels of the Times Up initiative at the Golden Globes where everyone wore black in support for victims of sexual harassment, abuse and inequality.

Lady Gaga in her White Rose
The Red Carpet is known for grandeur fashion and celebrities showing up in extravagant designer gowns -- this time however we saw an ode to menswear fashion as a sign of strength and resistance
where celebs like Kesha, Anna Kendrick, Cyndi Lauper, Rapsody and Janelle Monae opted for suits as opposed to dresses. Kesha brought the room to tears with an emotional performance of her chart-topping single "Praying" dubbed as an anthem for healing for her very own sexual assault with someone she worked with.

2017 was the year for people to take note of things happening in society and 2018 is the year where we must all play our parts in one way or the other to come together to put an end to plaguing issues.

Did you get the message at last night's Grammys .. did you really get it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


Anna Kendrick

Cyndi Lauper


Janelle Monae


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