How to Dress Like an Entrepreneur Everybody Wants to Invest In

If you think that the business dress code poses a threat to your inner fashionista’s ingenuity, you couldn’t be
further from the truth! On the contrary, switch your mindset and use this as an opportunity to challenge your
creativity. With a few personalized touch-ups to the classic go-to professional options, you will not only stand
out, but inspire admiration and approval from the top dogs in your niche.
Putting in extra effort into certain details such as your choice of footwear and makeup, you could make or
break your opportunities for professional growth. So, let’s crack the code of success with some brilliant fashion
tips that will launch your reputation to the stars!

Grooming 101

With a clean, neat hairdo, nails and a pearly white smile, there’s little you can do wrong if you stick to simply
emphasizing your natural beauty. The same rule applies the other way around, as no amount of gorgeous
lipstick can undo the damage of bad breath or messy eyebrows.
After you’re certain the essentials are in perfect order, you can bring out your makeup and always think
minimalist thoughts, because in the business realm, less truly means more. Focus on purpose and longevity,
such as with a touch of blush and mascara than pompous lipsticks and eye-shadows.

Best foot forward

If you are an expert when it comes to high heels, by all means, do opt for a pair of
your best business-friendly black pumps you can manage to wear all day without making that “I have a cramp”
face. But otherwise, you need to make sure you are both presentable and comfortable in all your meetings.
And remember: leave the more colorful pairs at home. They might end up being just a distraction in your
conversations, and you need your potential business associates to be focused on what you are saying, not what
you’re wearing. Business shoes should be of neutral colors, well-polished, and without any scuff marks.

Suit up to win big

In recent years, some of the most wanted collections of ladies’ fashion revolve around classy, sharp suits that
are meant to emphasize your confidence. Enter: the pantsuit for women that are tired of the classic pencil skirt
plus shirt combo, and want an edgy look that still leaves room for plenty of creativity.
That said, you can incorporate texture by choosing velvet, or go full black with a single accent shade to elevate
your look even further, but a palette of royal blue, red and white have also become extremely popular as of late.
Don’t be afraid to mix your pants with an interestingly patterned shirt, especially if your industry loves a
creative spark.

A match made in heaven

Absolutely, you need your black options and easy to match grey items ready on your wardrobe shelf at all times.
However, a little bit of outside of the box thinking still means you can both stay business-y and add a splash of
an interesting hue to break the spell of monotony in your attire. After all, you will eventually get tired of just
wearing beige, right?
For instance, a soft, but feminine pink coat is always a beautiful way to add some brightness to your black suit,
while green and orange can be incredible when worn as part of your accessories. Red is a very powerful,
sometimes even aggressive shade, so wear it in moderation. What matters is that you keep your accessories
such as a bag, belt and shoes in the same shade, and well-matched to your attire.
Never go for something a size too big (or small), a dress that is shorter than an inch above your knee, and of
course, mind the cleavage as well. This will ensure that you’ll stay comfortable and leave a stylish impression on
your clientele.

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for She loves
writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is
a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers
herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.
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