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Happy new year ... as they say "better late than never" and after-all we are still in the new year. If you missed us we were on a much needed vacation to refresh and renew our minds and we are back! Today I would like to share my best 9 of 2017 as I've been seeing on Instagram. These are in no particular order just going as I remember each thing.

1. Working at the Jamaica Observer 

My dream job has always been to work at a fast paced Magazine company preferably in New York or L.A and be their resident " How To" girl like Andie Anderson in "How to lose a guy in 10 Days". Clearly that has not worked out yet and a close second was working at the local newspaper in their Lifestyle/Fashion Desk. This year I got my dream and was at the Observer in Lifestyle ... let me honestly tell you that dream quickly became a nightmare as I had no idea what I was getting into! "How to lose a Guy in 10 Days" quickly turned into "The Devil Wears Prada". Let's just say it is a 24 hour job and little to no sleep and travelling all over the Island which sounds like fun but not really. You are like a scribe writing and quoting and captioning everything and I mean everything. I learnt a whole lot being there and met some really cool people and would not change anything about the experience.

2. Building a Team

For the past 5 years this Blog has been a one woman team which consisted of just little old me. This year I was so glad to have a team where we set goals, accomplished them and covered numerous events. We have however had our challenges like any other group of strong minded creatives but we still managed to push forward and do what needs to be done.

3. Cutting My Hair

This wasn't that major of a change as I'm an Aquarius and get bored of the "same- same". I was rocking natural hair and weaves for a while and just got tired and told my hairdresser to "cut it all off". In the end I got a pixie cut which I ended up loving ... however! Don't believe the lies that short hair is easier to maintain as you have to get it treated and cut every two weeks just to keep it looking good.

4. Being nominated for a Blog Awards ... In South Florida

This was epic! How did this even happen? What in the even heck?! I was even more happy when I got that e-mail saying I made the top 5 and had a chance of winning. I eventually came in 2nd based on points and it felt like first place! It was truly an honor being recognized outside of my country on an international level. I met so many cool, passionate and hardworking bloggers and brands. Stay tuned for my experience on the South Florida Blog Awards in a whole new post.

5. Doing Photo-shoots

This year I challenged myself to step outside of my comfort and partner with other creatives to offer other services like Photography. This was our break-out year for photography and photo-shoots and we will definitely be doing much more on a larger scale.

6. Launching  a Magazine

If you know me you know I love Magazines ever since High School and probably even before that! Remember Tiger Beat and M-Bop Magazine? I was encouraged by my team to launch a magazine and while I was scared and doubtful I did it and though not 100% pleased with the outcome it was well received and I will be doing it again but this time better.

7. Changing my Car

I did not get a Benz btw ... hopefully that's next #dreamcar
For the longest time I was driving a Standard car or for my international folks "Stick Shift" meaning nothing was automatic and everything was powered by me! It was a 95 Subaru Justy I named "Justin" after Justin Timberlake and it just became difficult to drive. There was no A.C and I was always hot and sweaty showing up to events. I now have a newer automatic car with A/C which I've named "Randall" which is Justin Timberlake's middle name 😄😃

8. Solo Trips

This year I took many little solo trips across the Island and of course to Florida. I think Solo Trips are necessary for everyone (relationship or not) as you learn so much about your self. Your strength and weaknesses are magnified in both a positive and negative way and you learn to truly rely and depend on your self.

9. Greater sense of self

2017 was definitely the year I had greater appreciation for myself and my gifts/talents and truly went above and beyond to accomplish all my crazy goals. I stopped caring about opinions and people who have failed doing the things I wanted to do and do them just to no live my live in wonder. Something truly magical happens when you push yourself above all obstacles and see things come into fruition.

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