Fun things to Do in Coral Gables Florida

The Haute Lifestyle was nominated for "Best Lifestyle Blogger" in the South Florida Blogger Awards which will be held at the Coral Gables Museum on Sunday December 10. We are of course excited for the nomination and even more excited to head over to this posh area in Florida. Nicknamed " The Beautiful City", this is one of South Florida's oldest and most historic cities with Mediterranean design influences.

Think of it as the Old Hollywood of South Florida --while there, we will be doing a few fun things in the area and decided to take you along (before we head out ). See our list below of all the fun things to do in Coral Gables.

The Biltmore

The Biltmore Hotel 

The Biltmore is one of South Florida's' most iconic Hotels as it dates back to the 1960's Prohibition era and was frequently visited by celebrities, royalty, socialites and even President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Hotel is beautiful and truly looks like something from a 1960's film however, as with most beautiful things there is a dark side. This building was the place where notorious gangster Thomas "Fatty" Walsh was murdered and later became a Military Hospital during World War II. Spookiness aside, the Biltmore is still one of the most sought after Hotels and offers a lavish courtyard Brunch that is one of the finest in town. The Brunch offers an extensive menu

If spooky ghost stories is more up your alley, not to worry as there are walking tours that touch on the mysterious past of yester-year.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry at Miracle Mile

Vixi Gelateria - A taste of Italy on Miracle Street

One can never go to a new city and not indulge in the cuisine! Everybody loves food and a good drink and Miracle Mile is the place to get both. Located in Downtown Coral Gables, Miracle Mile features dozens of restaurants that offers a wide range of cuisines-- there is literally something for everyone from casual to gourmet! The design of this street is quite similar to streets in Europe where restaurants and bars line each sides of the street which makes bar hopping a breeze. Grab a cold one from the hip Copper 29 or Caribbean fusion from the local mainstay, Ortanique on the Mile.

Explore Coral Gables Museum

Coral Gables Museum

We will without a doubt be at the Coral Gables Museum for the South Florida Blogger Awards-- so this location was a no brainer on this list. This place has served so many purposes including the city's first Court House before opening it's doors to the public as a Museum. This museum boasts 3000 sq. ft of Gallery space and also a 5000 sq ft plaza and is the perfect location for several family related events. There are on-going guided tours throughout the year on Sundays as well as Family Workshops. We are excited to see how they will transform this beautiful space for the the Awards on Sunday.

Luxury Shopping at Merrick Park

Shops at Merrick Park

Just because it's "Shop O'Clock" somewhere, every city has it's commercial district that is usually the heart of the community. The Shops at Merrick Park offer an open-air shopping destination that is quite similar to the layout of malls in the Caribbean. Here you will find high-end stores with brands like: Jimmy Choo, Tiffany & Co. , Gucci and Burberry. You will also find the popular indoor cycling boutique, SoulCycle and the full service Equinax Gym. There are also gourmet themed restaurants like Brassiere Central and Piripi! This is a great go-to place where you can not only get a new outfit but you can also add a complete workout and leave with a quick bit from one of the restaurants. This is unfortunately one of the area's most expensive places to shop -- I would recommend getting those selfies ready in front of the stores, just in case you can't reach up to the budget.

See a Real Play at Actor's Playhouse

Actor's Playhouse

In it's very own "Old Hollywood" setting , Coral Gables offers it's very own play house with real live plays. In it's founding year of 1988, the playhouse spent it's first seven years as a converted playhouse in Kendall. It wasn't until 1995 until the playhouse partnered with the City of Coral Gables to renovate the historic space for a whopping $8 million dollars and now boasts a main stage and children's theater. If you are into going all out for "culture" and discovering new things in a new city, you most certainly must see a play at Actor's Playhouse.

We are excited for our nomination at the South Florida Blogger Awards and also excited to discover Coral Gables! See you Sunday in this beautiful city.


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