Winter Beauty Preparation

If you’re a lover of winter and everything it brings, you’re definitely thrilled these days when winter is almost around the corner. This is a perfect time to upgrade your skincare routine and get ready for the cold winter months ahead; but if you aren’t really sure how to get it done – don’t worry. Here are five amazing tips on how to get prepared for winter, so stay with us and check them out!

Exfoliate your way to healthy and youthful skin

Apart from revealing new skin cells and contributing to a luminous, youthful look, exfoliating actually plays a huge role in unclogging your pores, making them appear much smaller and less visible. This is an essential step towards healthier skin, since removing the build-up of dirt and makeup residue will inevitably enhance your skin’s ability to absorb your favorite beauty products, helping them to penetrate much deeper into your skin. Just be sure not to use too aggressive scrubs, since these can harm your skin and strip it of its protective oils.

Don’t forget to moisturize

When you’re done with exfoliation, the next step is moisturizing. Cold winds and the harsh weather are highly likely to dry out your skin even more, making it look and feel parched and flaky. That is exactly why it needs extra nourishment and hydration during winter. Emollients like sweet almond, jojoba, and Moroccan argan oil are a fantastic solution, and they’ll surely replenish lost moisture. Remember to moisturize when your skin is slightly damp, because it’ll get nourished on a much deeper level when the pores are open after taking a shower.

Non-surgical beauty procedures? Why not!

If you’re a lover of non-surgical beauty procedures that can make your skin look rejuvenated and luminous in a really short period of time, you’ll be absolutely thrilled to hear about the new trends in this field. Australian women have completely fallen in love with treatment called skin needling in Sydney, since it’s based on ancient acupuncture techniques with the fine needles that create tiny punctures in your skin. Your body then naturally fills those punctures with new collagen and elastin, thus helping your skin to look youthful and refreshed. This treatment will definitely be your cup of tea if you’re up for some anti-aging action, especially because it’s should be done before the extremely cold weather kicks in. If that’s what you need, it’s about time you did it!

Pay extra attention to your elbows, hands, and feet

You’ve probably noticed that your elbows have a bit thicker top layer of the skin, which becomes even drier and rougher during the winter months. This can be triggered by the loss of moisture, so make sure you keep your elbows properly hydrated and moisturized. The same goes for your feet and hands, since people often tend to forget about them during winter. A simple combination of olive oil and sea salt will replenish lost moisture and give your feet exactly what they need – nourishment and gentle exfoliation. As for your hands, invest in a quality cream and always keep it next to your bed, so that you don’t forget to apply it regularly.

Provide your lips with extra care and love

Everyone knows that chapped lips are everything but attractive, so do everything you can to prevent that. First of all, you need to stop licking your lips as soon as possible, since that in combination with cold winds can be really devastating for your pout. You should also get a nice lip balm that provides extra hydration and nourishment, so that your lips always stay moisturized, smooth, and ready for winter kisses. Just remember to always keep one in your pocket, to apply it whenever your lips feel dry and cracked.  

Getting ready for winter has never been easier thanks to our useful guide, so be sure you stick to our five tips and you’ll see an instant improvement. Once that’s done, you’ll feel prepared for the winter months and the cold weather they bring.

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