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From the moment your handsome beau slips that sparkling ring on your finger you go back to childhood memories, then your brain goes into wedding-planning overdrive! Today's wedding has a lot to with intricate details from Invitations to Linen, that most couples forget the most important thing ... the Honeymoon!

Yes, my lovelies, today we will be your guide to the Modern Honeymoon as it is definitely something to talk about.

Budget Savvy

With anything that has to do with weddings and planning you always, always have to think budget! How much money there is to spend and can you really afford it without starting your life as husband and wife in debt? The modern couple will begin to save toward their Honeymoon at least a year back and could even set aside a special account for that.

Think Exotic

No, no .. not like that (just yet) think of countries like Dubai or Tahiti -- somewhere exotic where you can truly experience a new culture. The modern honeymoon is one filled with adventures and doing things a bit out of your comfort zone ... who really wants to lay in bed all day? You have the entire marriage for all that .. think of a really far out exotic place to go for your  honeymoon.

Make a Website

This is a little different though not strange, however, with the boom in Social Media and the need for people to share everything, why not have a honeymoon website? You will of course leave out the intimate-private details but you can include cutesy pictures of you and your beau in matching swimsuits, going to dinner and doing fun stuff. That way friends and family won't nag you to show them pictures of your honeymoon when they can easily go online and click through photos. Tip: Only share what you want people to see.

Wedding/ Bridal Registry

Things on the wedding scene has changed tremendously and you can literally add anything to your Wedding/Bridal Registry. Gone are the days when the Wedding Registry was limited to silver wear and dishes, you can even now add experiences or things to do in cities like Atlanta, Austin, LA and so much more and do fun activities like a Wine Tasting or a couples Cooking Class! We discovered a fun website called Zola that offers a catalog of items and activities for newly weds including Jewlery & Gifts , Bed & Bath and so much more.

What will your Modern Honeymoon look like? Tell us below


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