The Jamaica Miami Connection

What could an Island like Jamaica possibly have in common with Florida in the US! As we say in Jamaica "whole heap"! This beautiful Irie Island and Florida being the choice vacation destination spot shares a rich cultural history and much more similarities than we think. Keep reading to find out how these two places are connected.

The Jamaican Diaspora

It has been said many times that Jamaicans are everywhere! Think of a country anywhere in the world and I guarantee you will find a Jamaican. Florida is definitely no different. Jamaicans make up an increasing population who reside primarily in metro areas like Tampa, Orlando , Jacksonville, Tallahassee and throughout North Florida. Florida has the 2nd largest population of Jamaican-Americans living in the United States.

Jamaicans have their very own communities and have brought with them their Food, Music and Fashion which takes us to our list of other connections.


Jamaica is a melting pot of cultures with a motto "Out of Many One People" which boasts people of all races --literally! In Florida, though it is a predominantly white state (60%) the racial distributions are as follows: Asian Americans, Hispanics, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Columbians, Dominicans and much more ! If we were to list all the various groups, it would spill over into several blog posts.


There is a reason Florida is a choice vacation spot -- It is warm all year round just like Jamaica! Because of it's location being the southern most state in the U.S and being close to the Caribbean and Caribbean Sea, the weather is favorable all year round! It is a great place to get away and have a "vibe" if you are really looking to get away from the cold. It is also because of the similarity in the weather makes it the choice place for Jamaicans to reside as Jamaicans don't like cold!

Music and Food

How could we talk about Jamaica and Florida and not mention the most important things!? One of the things I love about Florida is how lively it is! There are sounds of Reggae-ton and Dance hall played throughout every community! One of the things I really like and appreciate is the way the artistes seem to merge various genres of music to showcase their Caribbean background. You will literally hear a Reggae-ton version of a regular Justin Bieber song!

Like the people, the food is lit! The spices and herbs and mix of everything makes the food something to leave home for. In fact, two of Florida biggest food events are The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival and the Florida Wine and Drink Festival. You will find that Restaurants like Bahama Breeze has an extensive Jamaican Menu and on specific nights you will hear a live band playing popular Reggae and Dance-hall hits.

Now that you know how Florida and Jamaica are connected -- which is your favorite? Let us know why (or why not)


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