Restaurant Week Launch 2017

"Let them eat cake" -- or in this case, let them eat tasty food from quick bites to savory! When The Haute Lifestyle arrived on the South Lawn of the historic Devon House on Sunday November 5 2017, the first thing that greeted us was a grand banner showcasing the words "Restaurant Week 2017" with it's signature fork and magenta color accompanied by white accents. Just like that-- Restaurant Week 2017 was launched and this time to the public! Every Square foot of the south lawn was lined with booths displaying food and drinks including Pasta, Seafood, Coffee, Hot Dogs and Burgers courtesy of CB Foods and delicious smoothies.

This year a Fashion Village was added to the mixture (pun intended) which featured creations by Courtney Washington, T&T Fashions and the EtAl Store.

We experienced a culinary delight that left us intrigued and excited for what is to come at Restaurant Week November 11-18, 2017. And from the talented fashion items at the Fashion Village, we know exactly what to wear to Restaurant Week and where to find them.

The Haute Lifestyle was able to sit down with Restaurant Week creator and conceptualizer Stephanie Scott for a quick run down of the event.



THP: Why did you decide to make the launch public?
S.S:  I guess it was wonderful having it as a private launch, but in truth , most people who came to those launches already knew about the restaurants and sponsors and so on. Initially it was people -- For 1 it gives the sponsors and restaurants a better opportunity for exposure and then also Restaurant Week is a celebration and this was a way to allow a larger network of people. It's basically expanding the net to have a free event where everyone can come and enjoy the event.

THP: What is different or special about this year?
S.S: You know what, people ask that question and the answer is essentially nothing. The launch is different but essentially the restaurant week itself is not different as this is our 13th year and it's because the model works -- the model is simply that during that week people come together and for 30% off regular prices they get a chance to explore and bring their family out to try new cuisines and that's why it works. What we do every year is we add new cities -- we've gone into Old Harbour this year with Kaluga Cafe and Blue Fields, we've expanded where we are and we've expanded the number of restaurants but really there isn't anything too new about Restaurant Week 2017.

THP: Of all the categories at Restaurant Week, what is your favorite?
S.S: It's so hard to say (lol) everybody tries to pull my tongue. Listen, we have everything for everybody -- we start from 7 in the morning with Morning Bites at Cannonball Cafe', you can work through lunch with 24 "Nyam and Scram" options, everything from Vietnamese, Indian, Jamaican and so on , then you can end up at dinner. I can't say I have a favorite , I love all of them!

THP: What inspired you to create the event?
S.S: 13 Years ago my life kinda changed and I was a Teacher and I couldn't live on a Teacher's Salary. My Daughter-In -Law at that time she was in New York and so she called me one day and said " why don't you try a thing in Jamaica like this" and so she gave me the idea. It took a lot of courage, lots of courage and I finally went out there and threw out the idea to sponsors and from the get-go people were supportive and I'm so blessed to have sponsors for years who have stayed and without them it would not have worked. I'm passionate about what they do and not just for the money because I really want to see the Restaurant culture grow in Jamaica. My tag line when I trade marked it was "Restaurant Week Where Eating Out is In" and eating out was not in 13 years ago and I think eating out is in now and in part because of what the Gleaner and myself have done. The Gleaner have been amazing in the support they have given throughout the years and we've moved from a lot of print to Online ... a lot of online which is the way the world is moving --- but we're blessed!

THP: This year this is a Fashion Village-- how does Fashion tie into Restaurant Week?
S.S: Fashion ties in because Restaurant Week is not just about eating as us ladies when we eat out we have to look good too! So, for a lot of Fashion Houses it's a good way for them to expose their brands because people are gonna need clothes, make-up and accessories. We've crossed over to include fashion and we also have the Farmers Market which is a great way for us to support the local farmers. My heart is full today because this is the first open-to the public event and is going really well.

THP: Finish the sentence ... I cannot live without my ...
S.S: All kind of food!



All participating restaurants will offer a choice of pre-selected three-course dinner menus. Patrons will enjoy appetizer, main course and dessert in one of five categories:
"Tasty" dinner menus are $1,850
"Savoury" are $2,800
"Delectable" meals are $3,800
"Epicurean" experiences are available for $4,300
"Nyam and Scram" 30% discounted lunch combos and
"Morning Bites" 30% discount
Prices are per person and do not include beverages, GCT (tax) or gratuity.



Click HERE to see the menus for the participating Restaurants this year

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