Must Have Clothing for Law School

Being a Law Student is an exciting time in your life -- there are new found freedoms like choosing what to wear to school (finally) among other things. The possibilities are endless as it relates to choosing what to wear, however there are a few closet essentials one must have for their "Law School Closet".

Here are a few tips on closet essentials to make your Law School journey more fulfilling:

A Jacket : Call it whatever you like... a sweater, a hoodie or a pullover. The classrooms are usually cold and when the A/C kicks in, you'll prefer feeling warm and cozy while learning about torts.
Pro Tip: Purchase several as opposed to just one (if you can afford it ) and always take it to class with you. 

Polo Shirts: Nothing beats a Polo Shirt which are great for warmer days outside of class. These can be paired with a classic pair of Jeans, which we all should have. I would recommend getting darker washes of jeans as opposed to lighter pairs as you will be able to get more wear and no one will ever notice it's the same pair. Remember, the right pair won't be too tight and should fit well. 

Legal Attire: Even though a casual attire is acceptable, it is important to also include pieces like dress pants, shirts and skirts that look a bit more formal. For men, I would recommend a more dressed-up pair of shoes like loafers and for the ladies a comfortable pair of heels.This way, you will be ready for legal attire day which is an annual event where students are invited to rock a professional style.There are times you might need to make a presentation and you should practice to look the part.


Comfortable Shoes: The University Campus is enormous and you will need comfortable shoes to get across campus. Sneakers and Sandals are a popular choice and are relatively inexpensive and should also be considered staple items. Be sure to stay away from anything that is too flashy or too noisy. Though the University Dress code is more relaxed, you are still at school and not on vacation.

Dresses: These are the easiest "one piece" outfit choice as you literally throw it on and add fun accessories. Chic dresses give you a comfortable yet feminine "work" vibe as they really pull a look together. Be sure to watch the length of the dresses and ensure they are not too short as they can easily be transitioned into work life. Dresses are also great for Socials, Faculty and Campus Events and you can easily transition them into a #GirlsNightOut outfit!

Study Wear: As a Law Student, you will spend a great amount of time in the Library Studying and reading over cases. This is where pieces like Sweat-pants and Oversized T-shirts are necessary, they are comfortable yet appropriate for school and they don't require a lot of effort to pull together. 

Always, always remember that the items you choose should be comfortable, functional and appropriate. 

I hope you found this list helpful to take you through your new journey!

Written By 
Deandra Goss

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