The Relationship between Health and Beauty

Let’s face it, ladies – We all crave for that flawless radiant skin, a pearly white smile and hair locks Rapunzel would applaud. But no matter how much effort or money you invest in your looks, the results will pale in comparison to those of women who truly nourish and prioritize their health.
The two notions are so intertwined that there is no way in heck you can merely rely on your pricey beauty products to give you the desired results, despite what the bottles may promise. However, if you craft your healthy lifestyle according to your needs, beauty will inevitably follow!

Exercise your way to beauty

Getting your tush off the couch on a regular basis will not only tone and strengthen the said tush only, but it will also have a profound impact on your skin health and overall wellbeing. Being physically active (and by that we mean more than taking the stairs) on a regular basis acts like a natural detox strategy for your body.
Sweat helps you get rid of all the toxin build-up, it improves your blood flow, including your micro-circulation and it balances your hormones. And when you get more blood-flow to your rosy cheeks, your body can repair the environmental damage more easily, pollution and sun’s harmful radiation included. Plus, improved circulation leads to more collagen and better use of nutrients, leading to fewer wrinkles and postponed signs of ageing!

Cut the cravings

Yes, we all know that those Thanksgiving apple pies and chocolate mocha cupcakes (yum!) make us all weak in the knees, but daily indulging in sugar-packed goodies will only wreak havoc on your youthful radiance, and your hair won’t be spared either. In fact, less sugar means keeping your mane thick, strong and vibrant, and your nails will no longer be as brittle.
On the other hand, kicking the sugar habit will be a dream-come-true for getting rid of impurities such as pimples and blackheads, while you can also say goodbye to premature sagging, excess belly fat and wrinkles! And if you’re mindful of your munchies, decreasing your sugar intake will also lower your overall inflammation, and reduce your risk of midlife acne.

Healthy diet essentials

Now that you no longer depend on sugar so much, how can you keep your belly happy, full and healthy, all the while reaping the skin perks you’re striving for? First of all, the golden rule is to keep things versatile and well-balanced. Moderation and mindful eating are the key to a healthy nutrition plan that will also keep your skin resilient to all sorts of pesky issues.
Keep in mind that we’re all different, and depending on your goals, you’ll need to adapt your diet accordingly, but the basic principles should be that you need a hefty amount of protein in your daily meals, a fair amount of healthy fats, and a moderate to low amount of carbs. And those carbs should come from fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Having trouble with your micronutrients? Then you can introduce quality yet cheap vitamins in the form of supplements to make sure your skin is getting what it needs.

Ditch thy beauty sins

While there are many health and beauty vices you should abandon (sugar addiction included) for the sake of your longevity as well as your looks, the one that tops them all is, of course, smoking. And while you’ve certainly heard this many times until now, it cannot hurt to repeat a couple of hundred times again, as it cannot be overstated – smoking is your skin’s and your smile’s worst enemy.
It can lead to premature signs of ageing, and not to mention irregular sleeping patterns that cause unsightly eyebags and puffy eyes. The chemicals in your average cigarette deprive your lovely skin of nutrients and oxygen, thus destroying your natural elasticity and preventing normal collagen production. You would do your skin and your overall health a huge favor by dropping this nasty habit, so perhaps your skincare routine should start with a wash instead of a puff.

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