#Fall Vibes| Law: Parent’s 1st Love or Student’s 1st Love?

Who loved the idea of being a lawyer first? Me or my parents?
Easy question.... my parents. I had never wanted to be a lawyer and still am not motivated to become one.

I’ve known that I wanted to be a Journalist since I was in high school, yet here I am currently pursuing an LL.B. because my parents want me to be a lawyer. And at the end of the day, a degree for a career I don’t want is better than having no degree at all.
In all honesty, the knowledge that I couldn’t pursue what I was most passionate about made me feel trapped. I felt as though my life was out of my hands; it’s trajectory was set and I couldn’t do anything but live through it. I felt afraid of wasting my life doing what others wanted me to do and not taking the plunge to do what I wanted to do until it was too late. More than anything else, I felt stuck. Stuck because my parents continued to make life-altering choices with no regard for how I felt about these choices being made for MY life, and that would never change.

Julianna Margulies stars as Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife on CBS
I can’t blame my parents for wanting me to pursue law, as much as it isn’t my first (or second…or third) choice for a career. After one year, law still doesn’t make my top three choices for a career, but I can understand how my parents could think this was a good career choice; stability and prestige mixed with aspects of my personality that, according to Law and Order and The Good Wife, made a perfect match. What loving, responsible parents don’t want their child to be DPP, Attorney-General or Alexandra Cabot? On top of that is the fact that I was (and still am) solely dependent on them and whoever pays for the degree gets to choose.

But in a weird way, I don’t regret studying law. Don’t get me wrong, I question my life choices (or my parent’s choices on my life) on a regular basis when I have several cases to read for a career I don’t want. But in the grand scheme of things, I don’t need to study journalism to become a journalist. And with my parents satisfied with the thought that I’m pursuing the career they want me to pursue, I can focus on learning skills to build myself as a journalist such as languages and freelance writing.

Dionne Jackson Miller | Journalist and Attorney-At-Law
My parents had the most influence on my not-exactly-a-choice. Am I glad that they made it for me? Of course not! they could’ve ruined my life. The only bright side to this is that I’ll be following in the footsteps of the countless other lawyer/journalists, so clearly law must serve a purpose in journalism. If Emily Shields and Dionne Jackson-Miller could do it, then I can find a way to make the next few years work in my favour.

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