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One popular question on the mind of almost every Law Student is "what do I wear to school"? No matter the size of our closet, we always want to look fashionable. While it may seem odd to talk about law school and fashion in the same sentence, it is something to consider, especially if one wants to dress for success. Here a few tips on how to dress trendy yet fashionable for Law School.

Compose A Basic Outfit

Perhaps a few must have staples have already come to mind from dark suits to dresses. Law is all about professionalism and you must dress the part to play the part. While black pieces are always appropriate, they can sometimes be a bit generic. Don’t be afraid to stand out. You can do this by integrating a bit of color into your suit.

A blue or grey suit with a button-down shirt is a great choice for men. A variety of button-down shirts or silk shells to go under a blazer will also come in handy for women to pair with skirts and dress pants. Always remember however, to wear wrinkle free and fitted clothing. Clothing which is baggy, too tight, or looks unkempt no matter how fashionable can easily ruin the professional look you are trying to achieve.

Be Bold but Modest

Showing up to classes, or a faculty event in a tracksuit is just as tacky as walking around with a $9000 Birkin bag. Standing out is important but only if you’re being admired for it. To be fashionable, you must accessorize trends professionally.
For women, avoid dangly earrings and go for statement necklaces. This piece can add a spark to the dullest of outfits. Pair it with small studs without any bracelets or rings (except wedding rings etc.). Statement necklaces will prep up your black sheath dress as opposed to bracelets or multiple rings which can be loud and distracting.
Men can also dress up their outfits by adding a whimsical neck tie to their suit. Although, muted colors are appreciated in court, this does not mean you should not go ahead and rock your patterned or colored ties on campus as these add the right flair to your outfit.

Be Consistent with Your Image

The business world thrives on consistency and efficiency. Just as it is important to project a consistent image with your interests and work ethic, the same can be said with your law school wardrobe. Find a style that suits you, is comfortable, and appropriate for classes and socializing. When you find your style, stick to it, and make it your own. This will not only prepare you for law school but your legal career.

Be Confident

Always play to your strengths and take your likes and dislikes into consideration. You should feel comfortable in the way that you present yourself to the world. Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.

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