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Every little girl dream of her BIG day when she gets to marry her "prince charming". Sometimes however that BIG day might incur BIG expenses which might not be a great way to start your new life -- in debt! When your BIG day becomes over-budget that's where you start to think creatively as it relates to your style -- after all you are the bride and it is a requirement for you to look great and stand out from the crowd, literally! If you are looking for creative ways to style your BIG day, keep reading as we bring you some creative ways below.
Sweet & Dainty: Your wedding day is that one time where the "less is more rule" applies in more way than one! Instead of blinding diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet and headpiece-- opt for a sweet and dainty piece of jewelry like simple earrings! These beautiful Gold Flower earrings Studs from Aurate are the perfect little things you need to add sophistication to your look. These 14k yellow gold earrings are simple yet romantic and there are 3 white diamonds in each pair for that subtle bling.

G-I-Y Invitations & Decor: Since this is the last time you might get to hang out with all your friends at once, make it a girls night in -- in the form of a Glam It Yourself session! Here you will give your girls instructions on how to make the things you need for a fraction of the cost; craft stores like Michael's and even the Dollar Tree offer all the supplies you need for "the cheap cheap". TIP: Be sure to use Youtube and Google as a guideline as you do not want to make any mistakes. 

Designer Dress: Now, I know you read the word "Designer" and immediately thought expense, but stick with me on this one. There are so many talented designers in your area who are more than able and capable of making your dream dress and even add your personal touch. All you have to do is research the person and see who else they have designed for and show them your "vision" for a dress. The process of having a dress made from scratch is quite an interesting one and it is something you will always remember.

Skip the Festivities: There has been an interesting trend in weddings lately where people are having smaller intimate weddings instead of a grandeur spectacle. A smaller intimate wedding will give you total control over the BIG day and if done correctly, you could even save some money. Again! going into a marriage with debts plus wedding debts on top of that is definitely not smart. You can still have a special wedding day without it being over the top.

Ask for Help: As the cool kids would say "der"! If you decide to go the "Large Over the Top Wedding Route" you might want to ask for help! Parents are always a great place to start, then you can work your way down the list. One clever thing you can do is to ask people (family and trusted friends) to pay for wedding things instead of giving an actual gift! Can you say win-win?

We do hope you found these tips helpful on how to creatively style your wedding day! Comment below and tell us all about your big day.

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