Behind the Seams: Daniel Passov, Founder of Greek U

Starting a business is tough! Starting a T-shirt Business in a saturated industry is even more tough! Starting a T-Shirt business in a niche for college/ sorority kids-- now that's interesting. Greek U was founded in Santa Barbara by Daniel Passov when he started designing shirts for his fraternity. As his popularity grew and almost everyone on campus started wearing his designs, the rest as they say is history. Today, The Haute Lifestyle goes Behind the Seams with Daniel Passov, founder of Greek U.

THP: Tell us about how you started "Greek U"
D.P: I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Graphic art was my first job, so I had the skill set to design t-shirts. In college, I kept complaining about how poorly designed the shirts were on our campus at UC Santa Barbara. One friend said "well why don't you make better ones" and that was my "aha" moment.

Sorority Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt with Sewn-On Letters

THP: Do you remember the 1st shirt you sold? ... take us back to that 1st sale?
D.P: I don't remember the actual "sale" of my first shirt, but I do remember seeing my first shirt on campus. I was so excited to see someone wearing my work of art. Very quickly I became the go-to person for custom apparel. Within six months, I couldn't leave my apartment without seeing people wearing my clothing.

THP: What 3 items would you say are your best sellers?
D.P: Our best sellers are the custom sewn on letters, fanny packs, and water bottles. 
Sorority Heart Fanny Pack

THP: What were you like in University/College?
D.P: I was in a fraternity, but not a stereotypical "frat guy." I was always driven to create a company, and that passion was something that everyone could see when I was in college.

THP: Finish the sentence ... "I cannot live without my ....."
D.P: I cannot live without my family and friends. My ultimate drive is to create more time to spend with them.

Greek U Team at Lunch! From left: Lory Passov, Daniel Passov, Chelsea Airola and Ciara Robillard

THP: What words of inspiration do you give to young people wanting to start a business?
D.P: Listen last 
The more you absorb surrounding yourself with experienced and successful people, the more you will learn and have success yourself.

THP: Where can we find your Merchandise? 

To learn more about Greek U. Click HERE.



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