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So, you’ve earned a place at the Faculty of Law, funded your studies, found a place to live now comes the hard part…deciding what to wear on your first day of school.
University is a new journey that is both exciting and scary. It is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and become the adult you want to be, however that does not negate the fact that there are still rules of dress to be followed.

There are unwritten (and written) rules of dress, the unwritten rules are obvious and as you’ve made it thus far, the assumption is that you have some amount of common sense.  The university campus is a mini community but must you never forget that it is still an institution of learning and any and everything does not go.  

Here are a few outfits to NOT wear on your first day of Law School.


  •          Shorts that double as underwear: Summer has ended so leave those shorts right there.. in summer.
  •          Hairstyles that block the entire class from seeing the slides: Ladies, be considerate -- leave the "Big Hair" to Fran Drescher from "The Nanny".
  •     Leggings that double as saran wrap: Umm...enough said!


o   Pants that restrict circulation: Guys, there is a thing as "fitted" jeans where it's not tight but it fits you perfectly.
o   Sleeveless shirts such as merinos and muscle shirts: Say it with me .."not acceptable"

Although it is the first day of your legal education it in no way means that you should dress as if you are attending court. Ladies, it is not necessary to wear heels and a smart suit and gentlemen save your three-piece suit for legal attire day. Remember this is your first day and absolutely no one expects you to dress as if you ‘reach when you just a come’.

Studies have shown that the temperature of a classroom affects learning and warmer classes produce poorer results. I say this to say, bring a sweater or a cardigan because the classrooms are oftentimes extremely cold and trying to concentrate, scope out the room, and look cool all while you’re freezing is no easy task- trust me.

Since you are smart students with common sense you will wear appropriate pieces of clothing such as: Jeans (which you will wear everyday of your university life), Sweat pants, Polo shirts, T-shirts and Oxford shirts.

If you are so fortunate to have the newest fashions feel blessed and grateful and never look down on the person who is wearing jeans that are a tad bit too short or a worn t-shirt, be always emphatic.
To stand out- although no one really wishes to stand out-all you need to do is find an outfit you feel comfortable in that checks all the tips listed above.
And above all the most important thing is to be confident and wear your outfit proudly. 

After all the most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence- Blake Lively.  

It’s an exciting time, you best dress for it. 

Written by Rena Grant
All Rights Reserved


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